Local News, Fish and Game official resigns

Local News, Fish and Game official resigns

Local News, Fish and Game official resigns

His email quickly prompted anger from former Fish and Game Commissioners who have called him to resign. "It just puts a bad light on us".

Blake Fischer, the Idaho Fish and Game commissioner who came under fire after posing with animals he killed during a recent hunting trip to Nambia, resigned from his post on Monday after mounting pressure.

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"I recently made some poor judgments that resulted in sharing photos of a hunt in which I did not display an appropriate level of sportsmanship and respect for the animals I harvested", Fischer wrote. He killed them using a bow and arrows.

Trevey cited the Idaho Department of Fish and Game's hunter education manual, which he said "clearly instructs our youth to have consideration for and respect the opinions of non-hunters", and to "refrain from taking photos of the kill and from vividly describing the kill within earshot of non-hunters".

"Slaughtering a family of baboons, including a baby baboon, and boasting of his conquest with photos is morally reprehensible", Kitty Block, acting president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and president and CEO of Humane Society International (HSI), told The Dodo.

Otter noted in the release that under the provisions of Idaho Code section 36-102 Commissioners serve at "the pleasure of the governor and are subject to removal by him".

A former commission member, Keith Stonebraker, commented on the situation saying he doesn't approve of Blake's actions, but would like an apology.

Fischer apologized to Idaho's hunters and anglers in a resignation letter obtained by the paper. I didn't do anything unethical.

"It's fair to say the governor is concerned about it", Hanian said, adding that Otter has seen the pictures.

Fischer told the Statesman he was "raised in a very ethical hunting family".

"In every picture, we try to pose the animals in a natural position, wipe the blood off the mouth, place the rifle or bow over the bullet hole". "You shoot an animal, you take a picture of it".

Among the pictures is one of Fischer smiling while propping up the heads of bloodied baboon carcasses, including that of a baby in its mother's embrace.

"He killed the whole baboon family and you've got little junior laying there in mom's lap", Alder told the Statesman. Alder is the executive director of the pro-hunting group Idaho for Wildlife.

This article was written by Allyson Chiu, a reporter for The Washington Post.

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