Million dollar Powerball ticket sold in Prospect

Million dollar Powerball ticket sold in Prospect

Million dollar Powerball ticket sold in Prospect

"Our customer service staff said there were 10 people at a time coming in to get tickets on Friday", Wolff said. She said prize recipients should create a trust and hire a team of lawyers, financial advisers and security.

The drawings are held on CW20 around 11 p.m.

Not surprisingly, the most Mega Million jackpot winners in the past five years have come from states with the largest populations. If a victor isn't crowned, the next drawing will be on Friday. Fernando Chavez, 27, said if he wins he would immediately hire a financial adviser.

"You'll have relatives you've never heard of popping up or people who one time angered you might be suing you", Weed said. The previous record was a US$1.586 billion jackpot for a Powerball drawing in 2016.

In Chicago, a crowded newsstand inside the city's Ogilvie Transportation Center was unable to display the record-setting prize amount because US$999 million was the highest number its electronic sign could show. The odds are low, about one in 300 million.

Bronx resident wins $1 million in Mega Million lottery jackpot
No winner in Saturday's Powerball drawing; jackpot now worth $620 million

The Louisiana Lottery says Mega Millions sales in the boot state have reached over $23.3 million since the jackpot's initial run back in July.

The winning numbers have been drawn for the record $1.6 billion Mega Millions lottery jackpot, but it isn't immediately clear if there's a victor. The lump sum cash payout is estimated at US$354.3 million. Either way, dreamers have until Tuesday night to get their hands on a chance to win the 1.6 billion dollar jackpot.

The chances of winning tonight are one in 302 million.

In fact, it turns out that lottery officials tweaked things to make it even tougher to win and ramp up the prize money fearing that the relatively modest but more frequent prizes in the $100 million range was resulting in "jackpot fatigue". Several states permit online ticket purchases. "You want proof that your money went towards the ticket and you want proof of the tickets being purchased". The $1.6bn jackpot, the most ever given away in a United States lottery, would be enough to buy an National Football League team, the Washington Post and the most expensive home in NY and still have spare change to buy a few islands and private jets.

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