Saint Mark's Square Underwater After Flooding in Venice

Saint Mark's Square Underwater After Flooding in Venice

Saint Mark's Square Underwater After Flooding in Venice

As well as this, 75% of the city of Venice is said to be submerged in water.

Winds of up to 110 miles per hour have hit the country, and two tornadoes ripped through the coastal town of Terracina.

"The exceptional wave of bad weather leaves us with a dramatic toll: nine dead, four serious injuries and one person missing, " said Interior Minister Matteo Salvini. One man was hit by a falling tree while walking in Naples, and a woman was killed by debris blown off a building in Liguria.

Venice, Italy, is now seeing its highest water level since 2008, as almost three-quarters of the city is underwater on Monday.

Three-quarters of Venice, Italy was underwater on Monday as a storm brought a historic flood to the city.

The high water level halted vaporetto services. The high tide along the final stretch of the race meant participants had to jog through ankle-deep water to complete the course.

"A strong low-pressure system is spinning through southern Europe, spreading heavy rain and strong winds across northern Italy", meteorologist Chris Dolce said.

Shopkeepers were seen dispelling flood waters from their shops using buckets and water pumps. This would inundate at least 12% of the city. Nearly three to four times a year, Venice experiences high tides that reach approximately 3.5ft.

A man is also missing at sea off Calabria in the southwest, after his boat was discovered empty washed up on the rocks along the coast.

An orange alert, the second highest on the scale, was issued for the central regions of Abruzzo and Lazio which includes the capital Rome where gale-force winds topped 100 kph.

Much of the country is under alert for flooding and the Interior Ministry urged officials in the affected regions to consider closing schools and offices again on Tuesday.

Officials closed major tourist attractions in Rome, including the Colosseum and Roman Forum, early because of heavy rains.

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