New Overwatch Cinematic Reveals Two New Heroes

New Overwatch Cinematic Reveals Two New Heroes

New Overwatch Cinematic Reveals Two New Heroes

In the latest Overwatch short, McCree meets up with the old Deadlock Gang, Athena the robot, and the newest playable character - Ashe.

A release date for the Funko Pop hasn't been divulged, but pre-orders are live and being taken at the Blizzard store and other outlets.

Blizzard unveiled the next Overwatch hero during Blizzcon today: Elizabeth Caledonia "Calamity" Ashe, better known as Ashe.

A lot of announcements have come out of Blizzcon 2018 so far, but the funnest and most freakish might be the announcement of a cereal based on a joke from Overwatch. She can use her semi-automatic rifle two ways: to fire quick shots or to snipe for a more precise, high damage shot.

Keeping with her Old West theme, Ashe packs throwable dynamite, which detonates after a set time period or immediately if Ashe shoots it, and a coach gun that knocks Ashe and her enemy backward.

Finally, Ashe has the ability to call in her sidekick, B.O.B. The idea of a hero call-in is new to Overwatch, so B.O.B. will truly be one of a kind. Her ultimate calls in Bob, her hulking right-hand man, who will rough up the enemy team and essentially add a seventh person to your team for a brief moment. In fact, in Overwatch, it's now beg enough for the 29 of us, as we learned during Jeff Kaplan's remarks during the Blizzcon opening ceremony on Friday.

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