Starbucks unveils holiday cups and new festive drinks

Starbucks unveils holiday cups and new festive drinks

Starbucks unveils holiday cups and new festive drinks

On Friday, November 2, Starbucks will unveil the 2018 holiday cups!

"We listened to our customers", Roz Brewer, Starbucks' chief operating officer, told CNN Business.

Egan said she thinks some groups, such as conservative Christians, may be actively looking to pick fights with Starbucks's designs because of the stances the company has taken on certain issues, such as same-sex marriage. "The holidays mean something different to everyone", the company said in an ad showing two women gazing at each other over a cup of coffee.

'When you come into Starbucks, there's a festive vibe, ' said Kristy Cameron from the Starbucks Creative Studio.

This year's holiday cup designs are giving people (the Christmas-loving ones anyway) what they want with multiple with red stripes, one with a green argyle pattern, one with red-and-white flames, and one with mistletoe-like coffee cherries in red and green.

Calling all Starbucks drinkers. This year, they feature a little more of the traditional red and green. Instead of just one specially designed cup, this year we have 4!

History: Starbucks started releasing holiday cups in 1997.

"As a brand that is intensely personal, we are humbled by how passionate customers are about our holiday cups", Gould said.

Starbucks is also bravely bringing back that iconic, solid red cup-this year in a reusable form (let's hope the cries of "War on Christmas!" don't return as well).

New sweet treats are also on available, including Chocolate Swirl Brioche, a Pistachio Honey Croissant, and a Sugarplum Cheese Danish.

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