Election Day to test Democratic resistance in Trump era

Election Day to test Democratic resistance in Trump era

Election Day to test Democratic resistance in Trump era

If Republicans hang on to their majorities in the House and Senate after two years of protests and marches against the Trump administration, it would be a crushing blow to Democrats.

Early voting leading up to Tuesday's midterm election revealed a wide variety of concerns with voting and registration systems around the country - from machines that changed voter selections to registration forms tossed out because of clerical errors. He's a military veteran who prides himself on not being a career politician. In the Senate, Republicans are cautiously optimistic they will hold onto - or even add seats to - their slim 51-49 majority.

Max Rose is running for Congress. Yet Democrats tempered expectations for a "blue wave", characterizing the fight for power as a block-by-block slog.

The O'Rourke-Cruz race is one of a half-dozen Senate contests that are being closely watched to determine control of the chamber.

The outcome has serious stakes for the president.

Tuesday's elections will also test the strength of a Trump-era political realignment defined by evolving divisions among voters by race, gender and especially education.

By election day, FiveThirtyEight gave Clinton a 71% chance of winning the election, leaving Trump with a 29% chance of winning.

But numerous key Senate battlegrounds are conservative states, like Missouri and Montana, where Trump excelled in 2016 and remains popular.

Bade pointed out that, while GOP leaders have encouraged the president to steer his message towards the booming economy, Trump has been reluctant to veer away from the hardline immigration fear mongering that elevated him in 2016.

"If you look back through the last 50 or 60 years of USA history, if you are an incumbent President, the chances are you will be re-elected and there is a strong pattern of the United States two terms for one party, two terms for the other".

Democrats are trying to hold 10 Senate seats in states where Trump prevailed in the 2016 election, including Tennessee. It was a deliberate strategy to expand the playing field to about 80 districts, stretching beyond college-educated voters in the suburbs into regions where the party has seen its fortunes fade. He is bombarding the voters with tweets and speeches that make out the caravan as a bunch of criminals who threaten the safety of the United States, with particular emphasis on the welfare of women. Hundreds of millions were spent by the parties, supplemented by more money from outside groups, to frame the debate. For Republicans they are less obvious. As election day neared, the polls increasingly showed that Trump had a real chance of winning.

Democrats are bringing in their own heavy hitter while campaigning to boost Obamacare and bring President Trump's legislative accomplishments to a standstill. For the first time in his presidency, he offered an actual answer when he was asked if he had any regrets.

Cantor says he thinks more Republicans will head for the exits if they lose. She was expected to lose to political newcomer Jennifer Wexton. On issues regarding the welfare state and economic inequality, they stand much closer to the Democrats.

Some Democrats have already vowed to force the release of his tax returns. The outgoing Governor of Florida is Republican Rick Scott.

Iva Woke (C), a 100-year-old resident living in Chestertown, Maryland, is helped to the voting booth at the Kent County Public Library to vote in Maryland's early voting on October 25, 2018.

Pennsylvania looked particularly daunting for Republicans after redistricting and a rash of retirements put several seats in play. The new congressional term begins in January 2019.

Governors are also being chosen in 36 out of 50 states.

Of the 35 seats up for grabs, 26 are held by Democrats and nine by Republicans. Harris was facing a stiff challenge from Marine veteran and small-businessman Dan McCready.

Election day - which is a working day and not a holiday in the U.S. - brought to a close one of the most vitriolic campaigns in USA history, with each day further dividing the nation that bears the name United States. Democrats are expected to flip two open GOP seats in New Jersey, but could oust two other incumbents as well. Last week, Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi predicted it would happen. "And especially in the House where a simple majority gives you nearly absolute power to again set the agenda and get bills across the floor".

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