Rush Limbaugh Speaks at Trump's 'MAGA' Rally in Missouri

Rush Limbaugh Speaks at Trump's 'MAGA' Rally in Missouri

Rush Limbaugh Speaks at Trump's 'MAGA' Rally in Missouri

Later that evening, he appeared to do exactly that.

'Fox News does not condone any talent participating in campaign events, ' said the statement, which the network then used to plug its midterm election coverage.

It came after Hannity's prime-time show aired from the rally site, during which he pleaded with viewers to vote Republican on Tuesday to support Trump, and his opening monologue echoed a campaign slogan seen on signs at the arena: "Promises made, promises kept".

Hannity said he had no idea he would be would be speaking, although the Trump campaign had said Saturday he would be a "special guest".

Trump has maintained a busy campaign schedule in the final stretch of the race, with 11 rallies over six days. "Something I have done in every election in the past".

That has not been the case for Hannity however, who previously suffered no fallout when it was revealed he was a client of lawyer Michael Cohen, who at the time was also President Trump's legal advisor.

"They are jealous, they are envious, this isn't supposed to happen, you people are supposed to love them, not Trump", Limbaugh said. "They've been with us from the beginning also".

Sean Hannity defied his own words on Monday.

The ramped up rhetoric comes as Mr Trump's campaign advert featuring an immigrant convicted of killing two police officers was taken off Facebook, NBC and Fox News.

"By the way, all those people in the back are fake news", he said to applause, invoking one of Trump's favorite epithets.

Yet just hours later, Hannity and Pirro were both on stage with Trump, energizing the Republican base ahead of Election Day.

Alisyn Camerota, a former Fox News anchor who now hosts a morning show on CNN, said executives at Fox "know vaguely" that they're not supposed to have one of their hosts endorse a candidate or party, but that Hannity can't help himself.

Hannity tweeted today that the onstage invitation was "NOT PLANNED".

As shameless as that kind of partisan cheerleading is for a channel with "news" in its title, I would not be writing this column if that was all Hannity and Fox News did Monday.

President Donald Trump greets talk show host Sean Hannity at a Make America Great Again rally in Cape Girardeau, Mo., Nov.r 5, 2018.

Interested in Donald Trump?

Fox said it had not approved the arrangement, and ordered Hannity back to his NY studio for the evening.

Fox News draws a distinction between its opinion and news sides of the house.

"There is something happening", Trump told Hannity and the millions watching at home.

Hannity promised he would not go onstage to campaign with Trump at a rally.

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