Most Britons now want to stay in European Union, new survey finds

Most Britons now want to stay in European Union, new survey finds

Most Britons now want to stay in European Union, new survey finds

His comments came after Ireland's deputy premier Simon Coveney said he believes a Brexit deal could be reached by the end of November, with his Westminster counterpart, Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington, saying negotiators were "very close", after the pair held talks in Dublin.

Throwing this "compromise" out, the DUP's Westminster leader Nigel Dodds said: "If Northern Ireland is subject to EU Single Market regulations, then it will also be subject to the [European Court of Justice] in some form as the arbiter of those regulations".

The Taoiseach said if there was some clarity on Brexit in the next couple of weeks or months, there would be an opportunity to get the Executive up and running again.

The EU has proposed keeping Northern Ireland inside a customs union with the bloc to remove the need for border checks on the island.

The statement said that senior European Union figures like Donald Tusk, Jean-Claude Juncker and chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier "and indeed Theresa May herself" have all said there will not be a deal "without a legal guarantee of no hard Border in Ireland".

"And I think it's reasonable for us to expect a country like the United Kingdom and a government like the UK government to stand by its commitments".

Figures showed that 45% of people thought Brexit would be good for immigration levels, while 24% said it would be bad, and 31% said it would make no difference.

"So, we think there's a deal to be had if they recognise that the deal is unacceptable to Parliament, I think that opens up a vista of the opportunity of the real negotiations".

An unknown sample size of Shetlanders indicated a 10 per cent swing with an estimated leave vote share of 33 per cent.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported that May's Brexit Minister Dominic Raab had privately demanded the right to pull Britain out of the "backstop" arrangement for the Irish border after three months.

However, the newspaper also reported that the new deal will include an "exit clause" created to convince those who support Brexit that remaining in the customs union is only temporary.

United Kingdom voters would vote to stay in the European Union if Brexit were put to a second vote, according to a new poll of more than 20,000 people from across every constituency in Britain. As per the report, although the increase in inflation between 2016 and 2017 charged most households about £900, the economy wasn't an overruling factor for several who voted to depart from the European Union, and this persists to be the scenario.

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