Stan Lee, Marvel Co-Creator, Has Passed Away at 95

Stan Lee, Marvel Co-Creator, Has Passed Away at 95

Stan Lee, Marvel Co-Creator, Has Passed Away at 95

His daughter, J.C. Lee, confirmed his death with TMZ.

Lee had suffered several illnesses recently, including pneumonia and vision issues.

Per the report, Lee was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles early Monday morning, where he eventually died. The nature of the emergency was not disclosed, and Lee's cause of death is not yet known. Lee passed away today, November 12, and notable figures from the worlds of movies, TV, and comic books have taken to social media to pay tribute to him and his effect on their lives. Over the years he was a writer, editor and occasional illustrator.

British actor and Spider-Man star Tom Holland said on Instagram: "How many millions of us are indebted to this guy, none more so than me".

In 1961 Lee's boss saw a rival publisher's success with caped crusaders and told Lee to dream up a superhero team. Lee and Kirby decided that it was time to make a new kind of superhero.

The Marvel Comics icon was inducted into the Signal Corps Regimental Association in March 2017 - a moment he says trumps some of his top accomplishments. "Thank you for the Hulk, Thor, Fantastic Four and many others", Simmons wrote. "Stan Lee was as extraordinary as the characters he created", Iger said.

Lee was widely credited with adding a new layer of complexity and humanity to superheroes.

Spider-Man, in particular, became the imprint's signature character: a neurotic photographer named Peter Parker who, after being bitten by a radioactive spider, develops spider-like powers. Crime fighting was the least of his concerns. A Spider-Man series ran briefly in 1978. When Goodman fell out with his editor in 1941, Lee found himself editor-in-chief at just 19.

Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, said that "no one has had more of an impact on my career and everything we do at Marvel Studios than Stan Lee".

Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune An unknown fan (left) of Stan Lee laughs after asking Lee to give him a character name.

Lee enlisted in the Army in 1942 shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor and worked as a lineman before he transferred to technical writing and creating posters, the Department of Defense News reported.

It wasn't all joy for Lee. Lee and Kirby than cobbled many of these characters together to form The Avengers team.

The characters' impact, however, is indisputable.

As a result, Marvel became a smash success. "But I suppose I have come to realize that entertainment is not easily dismissed".

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