Kimmel tears into Trump over the next round of White House firings

Kimmel tears into Trump over the next round of White House firings

Kimmel tears into Trump over the next round of White House firings

According to The New York Times, Melania was offended by Ricardel disparaging two members of her staff that traveled to Africa with the firs lady last month, and Melania believed the adviser was spreading negative stories about the administration.

The statement amounted to a stunning public rebuke by a first lady of a senior official serving in her husband's administration. In what was probably the highest-profile such incident, President Ronald Reagan ousted his chief of staff Donald Regan in 1987 after he crossed Nancy Reagan.

A retired Marine Corps general, he has often been nicknamed "the adult in the room" during Trump's drama-prone administration, even if critics say he has done little to temper the president's most damaging outbursts.

According to Reuters, the first lady complained to the president that she was unhappy with her treatment by Ricardel, a former Boeing Company executive who worked on Trump's presidential campaign and was chosen by National Security Adviser John Bolton to be his deputy in May 2018. Melania reportedly told her husband she didn't like the way Mrs Ricardel had treated her. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss White House personnel matters, said Ricardel then threatened not to send any NSC staff.

Ricardel did not return requests for comment.

Zinke, who faces several ethics investigations, said in interview with The Associated Press on Monday that he has spoken in recent days with Trump, Pence and Kelly about probes into his leadership and they remain supportive.

A White House official confirmed to CNN that Trump has told people that Ricardel will be fired. A second official said Ricardel was still in the building as of about 4:00 Washington. Laura Bush, the wife of former Republican President George W. Bush, was kind enough to inform Obama that if she needed help, she was "a phone call away".

The rebuke-via a brief statement from the first lady's spokeswoman-came amid swirling speculation about a possible shake-up of President Donald Trump's Cabinet following last week's midterm elections. The Washington Post first reported late Wednesday that Trump was preparing to remove Nielsen, whom he has repeatedly blamed for what he calls an immigration "crisis" on the southern US border. Trump is reportedly ready to oust his DHS secretary as early as this week.

Trump canceled plans to travel with Nielsen, charged with carrying out his immigration crackdown, to visit USA troops at the southern border in Texas this week, according to the newspaper.

Just last week, the administration announced that migrants would be denied asylum at the U.S. -Mexico border if they crossed illegally, creating regulations that circumvent immigration laws stating anyone can claim asylum no matter how they arrive to the country. That's about twice as many total apprehensions as in October 2017, and more than four times as many families.

Some Trump allies are urging the President to bring someone in from the outside, but it's an open question how attractive the position would be.

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