Wikileaks Calls for The Guardian 'Editor's Head', After Assange/Manafort Bombshell Story Breaks

Wikileaks Calls for The Guardian 'Editor's Head', After Assange/Manafort Bombshell Story Breaks

Wikileaks Calls for The Guardian 'Editor's Head', After Assange/Manafort Bombshell Story Breaks

Assange has been living at the Ecuadorian embassy since seeking political asylum in 2012.

Mueller's investigators have been examining communications between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks as part of the FBI's Russian Federation probe.

If these reports are true, they would be extremely damaging to Manafort, Assange and many individuals within the Trump campaign, likely including the president himself.

U.S. prosecutors said this week that Manafort, a lawyer and political lobbyist, had breached the terms of a plea bargain by lying "on a variety of subject matters" to the special counsel, Robert Mueller, and his team, who are investigating allegations that...

Citing a "well-placed source", the Guardian says Manafort went to see Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London around March 2016, though the exact date is "tentative".

Paul Manafort met in secret multiple times with Julian Assange before the Wikileaks founder published emails that were the product of Russian hacking, according to The Guardian.

As media struggle to metabolize The Guardian's would-be bombshell regarding Paul Manafort's alleged visits with Julian Assange over the past five or six years-and as The Guardian itself apparently edits away some of the more controversial claims contained in their initial report-another Manafort meeting, one that definitely happened, has now come under the critical radar.

In a federal court on Tuesday in Alexandria, Virginia, Judge Leonie Brinkema called it "an interesting case, to say the least", according to United States media.

In the lead-up to the election, WikiLeaks published rafts of emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee, as well as from John Podesta, the manager of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Prosecutors say Assange got it from Russia's intelligence service. The next day, President Donald Trump announced that Manafort had resigned from the campaign.

Two other Trump allies, longtime Republican consultant and lobbyist Roger Stone and conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi, in recent weeks have both publicly said they expect to be charged by Mueller's team in connection with their involvement with Assange and the stolen emails.

Manafort has been at the heart of several unresolved threads of the Robert Mueller investigation.

Issa said that the special counsel's team doesn't want to hear Manafort say that he knows of no crimes by the Trump campaign. The former campaign chairman had agreed to co-operate with the special counsel's office in September after being convicted of money laundering and bank fraud charges. "You don't exert undue pressure on people".

After reaching a plea deal with federal prosecutors in September, Manafort lied repeatedly to investigators working for the special counsel's team while withholding information pertinent to the Russian Federation investigation, according to a court filing from Monday.

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