Amazon Unveils Quantum Ledger Database and Managed Blockchain Services

Amazon Unveils Quantum Ledger Database and Managed Blockchain Services

Amazon Unveils Quantum Ledger Database and Managed Blockchain Services

The company announced the launch of a new service called Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outpost to take on traditional hardware vendors Cisco, HPE and Dell.

AWS also announced a machine learning university training and certification program with more than 30 self-service, self-paced digital courses for developers, data scientists, data platform engineers and business professionals.

With NeoPulse, organizations can build sophisticated and accurate AI models with as little as 14 lines of code. Additionally, the platform is compatible with a wide variety of input data including text, images, video, audio, and vectors. It is the latest example of the giant provider of the cloud services building next-gen processors.

AWS revealed that the customers will be abel to use the Inferentia with the TensorFlow AI software, which is created by the Google, as well as some of the other AI frameworks like the ONNX and PyTorch format for converting models.

Amazon is diving deeper into healthcare with the launch of Amazon Comprehend Medical, a machine-learning service created to help providers and other healthcare stakeholders extract information from unstructured data in electronic health records (EHRs). Racers can also compete in virtual events and tournaments throughout the year by entering time trials on special tracks in the AWS DeepRacer simulator, available in the AWS Management Console. The mi-market is "far more willing to accept a new player at scale for this and were first to adapt AWS in the first place", Enderle said. As a result, developers no longer need to spend time hand tuning their trained models for each and every hardware platform (saving time and expense). The company said it will make Neo available as an open source project.

Finally, for developers who want to build intelligent features into their applications but don't have machine learning experience, AWS has significantly expanded its AI services. This can simplify the workflow and get the information out to developers quickly. Comprehend Medical complies with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Experience has shown that there is no master algorithm for personalisation.

Amazon reached a new milestone on Wednesday when it unveiled DeepRacer, a self-driving race vehicle that runs on artificial intelligence (AI), and launched a racing league that would pit the owners of the auto against each other.

Missing the mark with a forecast can have a significant impact, such as being unable to meet customer demand or significantly over-spending.

Amazon's other recent forays into healthcare include paying nearly $1 billion to acquire online prescription service PillPack and new joint venture with Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase to improve employee healthcare. The service learns in real time from a sample of labels assigned by humans and automatically applies labels to much of the remaining data.

"AWS teams have been using Amazon QLDB for years to maintain a complete, immutable, and append-only journal of data changes".

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