May faces more Brexit woes after another U.K. minister quits

May faces more Brexit woes after another U.K. minister quits

May faces more Brexit woes after another U.K. minister quits

"It's a People's Vote, with the option of keeping the best deal we now have as a member of the European Union".

"A big hit on our economy will mean an increase in local poverty, fewer resources locally to plan and deliver our services, no structured programme to support our local economies and real threats to all aspects of our import and export trade", she said.

"If they can not look their constituents in the eye and say it is, they must vote this deal down and then hand the decision back to the people". We will be telling MPs why we believe this is a good deal for the United Kingdom because it is a deal that delivers on the Brexit vote.

Gyimah said "what has happened with Galileo is a foretaste of the brutal negotiations we will go through that will weaken our national interest, make us poorer, less secure".

Asked which of those two options was more likely if her deal does not pass, she said: "We haven't had the vote yet".

Theresa May has accused Labour of planning a "betrayal of the British people" by voting down her Brexit deal and pushing the country towards a no-deal departure from the EU.

And the ex-cabinet minister dismissed the suggestion this would be a "denial of the democratic rights" of the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit.

EU Withdrawal Agreement how MPs could vote.

To fully debate only the Prime Minister's view and that of the Leader of the Opposition - views which have been televised repeatedly in recent weeks, and which are simply different versions of Brexit, whilst positioning other options on the side of the debate - would be to prevent the public benefitting from a full understanding of the options and potential outcomes facing the United Kingdom as a whole and as a result would be a severe dereliction of your public duty. People need to have some clarity about that...

May visited Scotland on Wednesday in attempt to drum up public support for her Brexit deal agreed in Brussels last weekend, which she says suits all corners of Britain. "It says we will be able to do those trade deals, and we will be able to do them with the USA and others".

Mr Campbell, who campaigns for a People's Vote, praised Mr Gyimah's stand against the Prime Minister's deal.

Dr Fox said that reactions to Whitehall analysis showing that withdrawing from the European Union without an agreement would have severe economic consequences had been "overblown".

May's comments came after lawmakers proposed an amendment that could stop Brexit if Parliament rejected her agreement.

He added: "It is a deal in name only".

The Democratic Unionist party, which has a confidence and supply deal with the governing Tories, has suggested that it will not support Mrs May's plan.

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, a staunch Brexiter who is one of the most vocal critics of the deal, said Friday that the government was trying to frighten people into accepting it with dire forecasts about the impact of leaving the European Union without an agreement.

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