Maine CDC encourages people to get tested on World AIDS Day

Maine CDC encourages people to get tested on World AIDS Day

Maine CDC encourages people to get tested on World AIDS Day

The regional director said that HIV testing remained essential in expanding treatment and ensuring that all people living with the disease could live healthy and productive lives.

If people don't know their HIV status, they can't protect themselves, their families, their partners.
It has also pledged to enable 90% of HIV positive people in the country know their status on treatment and provide 90% of those on treatment experience with effective viral load suppression.

"Know your status" is the campaign slogan for this year's World AIDS Day, which is celebrated today, December 1.

Head of monitoring and Evaluation at WACCBIP, Dr. Osbourne Quaye, said people refusing to take the test has contributed to the alarming increase because they unknowingly affect others with the virus. Ukraine keeps the leading position in Europe in terms of new HIV infection cases.

Since the start of the epidemic in 1981 about 77.3 million people have become infected with HIV and 35.4 million [25.0 million-49.9 million] people have died from AIDS-related illnesses in the same period. "In order to achieve this, we must address the barriers, such as stigma and discrimination, that prevent key populations from accessing testing and treatment services and fully exercising their right to health".

At Bebashi - Transition to Hope, the goal is to minimize HIV infection through free HIV/STI testing, HIV prevention education, and by providing Medical Case Management services to people living with HIV.

"The good news is that for those who are HIV positive, the government has enough drugs and plans in place to support and treat the affected for free". Globally, 15- to 24-year-old women are twice as likely as young men to be infected.

2006 - Male circumcision is found to reduce the sexual transmission of HIV between men and women by 60 percent. World Health Organization first recommended HIV self-testing in December 2016.

Dr Uche Okoro, Project Manager, Agency for the Control of AIDS in the Federal Capital Territory, said that the Day was set aside to create awareness on HIV and AIDS.

Lagos State commissioner for youth and social development, Agboola Dabiri, made the appeal during HIV/AIDS awareness talk in Agege, Lagos.

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