Twitter had the best 'alternative' names for Seattle's new National Hockey League team

Twitter had the best 'alternative' names for Seattle's new National Hockey League team

Twitter had the best 'alternative' names for Seattle's new National Hockey League team

The board's nine-member executive committee recommended proceeding with the expansion application back in October after a presentation that included Bonderman, Bruckheimer and Leiweke. The franchise will pay a $650 million expansion fee, up from when Vegas paid $500 million to enter the league.

As the 32 team, the arrival of Seattle allows the NHL to finally balance out the league's four divisions.

"I think clubs have learned a lot", Bettman said at a news conference before the Stanley Cup Final began in Las Vegas. Perhaps most notable is that in addition to housing the NHL team, the facility will also host adult and youth hockey, training camps, tournaments, figure skating and public ice skating.

Leiweke's job will be to capitalize on a market whose demographics have changed significantly since he left the NFL's Seahawks in 2010 after being largely responsible for the team hiring coach Pete Carroll.

"Seattle's one of the fastest-growing cities in the country", NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said recently. Seattle may not have the same immediate success as the Golden Knights, but with the management team in place - coach and GM still pending - don't be surprised if Seattle is successful early in its National Hockey League lifetime. Basketball is embedded in the DNA of the region thanks to 41 years of the SuperSonics and a lengthy history of producing NBA talent.

No, they're not heading to Quebec City or Hamilton or even Hartford. Amazon has taken over an entire section of the city, joined nearby by satellite offices of Google and Facebook.

"The league's expansion decision was only made possible because Seattle will possess the three pillars essential to the success of any franchise: terrific committed ownership, a thriving market and a state-of-the-art venue", Bettman said.

Seattle has become a city of transplants due to the booming local economy.

Early this year, the Seattle Times polled fans on a potential name for the expansion team, with the Sockeyes, Totems and Metropolitans getting into the Top 3. "We have the right building plan, we have the support from the city, the fans are there". The Coyotes are staying in the desert, but they're moving out of the Western Conference's Pacific Division as part of the NHL's upcoming realignment that will coincide with the welcoming of the new Seattle franchise to the league. Those numbers are unprecedented for any expansion team in professional sports.

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