Original Aquaman Vincent Chase Has Only One Question About Jason Momoa

Original Aquaman Vincent Chase Has Only One Question About Jason Momoa

Original Aquaman Vincent Chase Has Only One Question About Jason Momoa

Are you looking forward to seeing Aquaman this weekend?

The DC superhero team movie, produced at a budget of $300 million and expected to be their answer to Marvel's Avengers, ended up being the lowest grossing film of the series.

The film, which also has a strong environmental message, earned strong numbers on day one with collections to the tune of Rs 7.75 crore (including Thursday evening's paid previews). Because Aquaman is making a huge splash in the box office overseas. While the king of underseas has minted Rs 25 crore approximately in its first three days (day 2- Rs 8 crore, day three- Rs 9.25 crore), the Superman flick made Rs 21 crore.

Regardless, Momoa's comments imply that Aquaman's future on the big screen depends on the success of this first feature film.

According to Warner Bros., in most markets, the film is outpacing the last DCU title, Justice League and tracking anywhere from 40 to 100 percent higher than the DCU's best-reviewed title, Wonder Woman at this point in release (yet in Latin American markets, they're about even). That led to a larger role as the undersea superhero in "Justice League" and star billing in this month's hit release.

Eagerly and clumsily, Aquaman dispels the joyless grimdark that's infested other movies based on DC Comics, and director James Wan delivers some genuinely great stuff-a horror-tinged encounter with dagger-toothed wretches from the deep, a psychedelic submarine chase through a fluorescent Atlantis. At least, the version of Aquaman that's shown in the movie and in most versions of the character from 1960 onward. In fact, DC is now focusing on standalone films that are wildly different from one another. However, he nearly assumed control of a different superhero's adventures. According to a Box Office Mojo report, Aquaman was the number one movie internationally this weekend, ahead of its United States debut on December 21.

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