Man attacks McDonald’s employee over a straw; she fights back with punches

Man attacks McDonald’s employee over a straw; she fights back with punches

Man attacks McDonald’s employee over a straw; she fights back with punches

The employee fought back and punched him multiple times. James attempted to defend herself by punching Taylor in the face.

Soon after Biandudi pulled out her camera, Taylor leaned across the counter and grabbed the cashier.

Brenda Biandudi, a witness who took cellphone video of the incident, said the fight started when the customer asked for a straw.

The man was later identified as Daniel Taylor.

According to the the new rule, customers are only given straws on request and the establishment can give customers any kind of straw as an alternative to a plastic straw.

"They started exchanging words laced with profanity, and he said there's no such law that exists, and she was saying, 'Yes it is a law, '" Biandudi recalled to the station.

The video shows the suspect lunging at the worker and grabbing her by the collar while trying to pull her over the counter. According to her post, she saw a middle-aged man leaving with his order but came back to the counter after finding out that the drinking straws are missing.

Biandudi says Taylor refused to accept that answer, reaching over the counter and grabbing the worker.

"You're fixing to go to jail", the employee responds. "You put your hands on me first", she yelled, clapping her hands together. The two go at it for about 20 seconds before the other employees intervene. He was eventually arrested and charged with two counts of simple battery.

The ugly incident was caught on video.

"I said, this is getting a little heated here", Biandudi told the Washington Post. McDonalds India Reduces Oil and Sodium in Its Burgers and Fries, Expert Says Fast Food Is Still Not Safe.

A statement from McDonald's said, "Our highest priority is always the safety and well-being of our employees and customers at our restaurants".

Biandudi also hopes that James is able to keep her job following this bad moment.

The video has over a million views on Facebook. "I think they acted appropriately", she said. "We need to just treat each other right".

"I felt it was so disrespectful to talk to an employee like that and belittle her like that", Biandudi said. "I want peace. I want them to keep their jobs and the man to get some help".

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