Trump considering former Democratic Senator Jim Webb for defense secretary

Trump considering former Democratic Senator Jim Webb for defense secretary

Trump considering former Democratic Senator Jim Webb for defense secretary

In announcing Norquist as the Pentagon's new No. 2, Shanahan said the Department of Defense "chief financial officer and comptroller for the past 19 months. has had insight into virtually every tenet of this department", according to the official. But Trump, who was miffed by the media coverage Mattis' letter received, ordered him to leave to the Pentagon by January 1. Trump reportedly considering Jim Webb to replace Mattis White House considering Jim Webb as Mattis replacement: report MORE, a former Boeing executive and deputy Defense secretary since July 2017, is now serving as acting Defense secretary. The decision prompted Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to resign. Both men have publicly criticized Trump's national security decisions and his temperament in recent weeks.

"Many of the instances do, however, show the revolving door spinning out of control due to ethics laws that are insufficient to protect the public interest", Mandy Smithberger, director of the Straus Military Reform Project at POGO, wrote in the report.

On Wednesday, Trump proclaimed to Cabinet members and the assembled press that "as you know, President Obama fired [Mattis], and essentially, so did I".

A defense official who attended the meeting said Shanahan had told colleagues a major concern would be China.

Trump said during the cabinet meeting that Islamic State militants should be combated by nations in the region, including U.S. adversary Iran.

Trump also reportedly has a strained relationship with retired General John Kelly, his former chief of staff.

Mattis resigned December 20, after Trump stunned the U.S. establishment by ordering a full troop withdrawal from Syria. Nor did the president clarify plans in Afghanistan, where he has ordered a troop reduction on an unspecified timetable.

Under former President Ronald Reagan, he spent three years as assistant Defense Secretary before being promoted to Navy Secretary in 1987, only to leave the following year in protest over cuts to the military.

"The National Defence Strategy is [Mattis'] strategy", Shanahan said.

Shanahan, a former Boeing executive, had been Mattis' deputy and it was unclear how long he will remain in the role of acting secretary.

The former defence secretary left his office on Monday night but Acting Secretary Shanahan took charge of his new office on Wednesday as Tuesday was a holiday.

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