CDC: Millions already sickened with flu this season

CDC: Millions already sickened with flu this season

CDC: Millions already sickened with flu this season

Northern Manitoba has been hit hard in the 2018-19 flu season, with 130 influenza cases from September 1 to December 29, second only to Winnipeg which had 210.

Federal health officials say that the flu is now widespread in Alabama - and it's expected to increase.

As with the rest of the province, this year's flu virus hit young people 15 and under harder, but the season seems to have peaked, though activity remains high. They're asking people who develop flu-like symptoms to submit a nasal swab to their labs.

In Illinois, the most recent data (which also goes through January 5) shows 163 people have been hospitalized for influenza this season, and one child has died, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The CDC estimates about 49 million people were sickened with flu last season, deemed the deadliest in decades, including 960,000 people who were hospitalized.

Laurentiu Givelichian, the head of pediatrics for the University of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Health Authority, said that in his province the flu isn't just affecting more kids than usual - it's making them sicker, too.

"If people have not yet had the vaccine, it's not unusual that around this time, after the holidays, we might have a little bit more influenza activity", Murti said.

A total of 17,743 laboratory-confirmed flu cases have been reported, the Public Health Agency of Canada said in its weekly FluWatch report.

Six people have died from the flu in Saskatchewan so far, with three of those victims being children less than six years old.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said the entire country is experiencing a much milder flu season this year so far. While the CDC continuously monitors patient visits for flu-like illness in the USA, this information can lag up to two weeks behind real time.

"It is important to remember that, even if a patient gets the flu after receiving the vaccine, it is not usually as severe as if the patient had not received the vaccine at all", Durham wrote. "The rate of flu vaccination of women of childbearing age, and especially those in the first trimester [of pregnancy], is unacceptably low", he said. This year, the season is unwrapping slower than those last year.

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