First footage of detained Senator Arashukov

First footage of detained Senator Arashukov

First footage of detained Senator Arashukov

Russian authorities arrested a lawmaker on Wednesday in the midst of a parliamentary session in connection with two contract murders.

He was charged with murder, tampering with witnesses and being involved in organized crime, the newspaper said.

He was arrested in the Federation Council on January 30.

- Rauf Arashukov was detained by investigators and members of the FSB's Economic Security Service at the upper house Federation Council's weekly session on Wednesday and taken away by a van.

Rauf Arashukov is accused of being involved in the 2010 killing of two people and other crimes, said the Investigative Committee of Russian Federation. As officials laid out their case to his colleagues to lift his immunity as a parliamentarian, he got up to leave the hall but was ordered to stay by Speaker Valentina Matvienko, she later told reporters.

"He declined the opportunity", she said.

- The Investigative Committee's video showed Arashukov smiling during talks with his attorney.

The younger suspect asked for a translator for his interrogation, citing poor Russian-language skills, the Investigative Committee said.

Shebzukhov was beaten with a baseball bat and fatally shot in May 2010, and Zhukov was shot dead in March of the same year.

- Arashukov denies the accusations, according to his lawyer, who said that the senator believes his detention is "politically motivated".

Petrenko confirmed that today, Rauf Arashukov's father, Raul Arashukov, was detained at a Gazprom meeting in St. Petersburg.

Arashukov is suspected of orchestrating the killing of a well-known activist and an adviser to the leader of Karachaevo-Cherkessiya in 2010.

Later on Wednesday, investigators announced that Arashukov's father, Raul, who is a top manager at the gas company Gazprom, has been detained on suspicion of embezzling 30 billion rubles' worth of gas supplies. Reports from the courtroom said Arashukov tried to escape the chamber via the balcony while being told to "sit down" by the chairwoman of the Federation Council, often called Russia's senate.

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