Hirono: Green New Deal's Flight Restrictions 'Would Be Pretty Hard for Hawaii'

Hirono: Green New Deal's Flight Restrictions 'Would Be Pretty Hard for Hawaii'

Hirono: Green New Deal's Flight Restrictions 'Would Be Pretty Hard for Hawaii'

At least a half dozen Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls have said they would adopt Green New Deal policies, without offering specifics. The Democrats' plan envisions shifting away from fossil fuels and other sources of emissions that cause global warming within 10 years. Ed Markey held to unveil their resolution calling for a "Green New Deal".

The measure is now in a form of a non-binding resolution - meaning even if it passes it won't do anything.

Cost estimates for the sprawling proposal range into the trillions.

The plan, which takes the form of a non-binding congressional resolution, outlines some of the most aggressive climate goals ever put forward by Democratic lawmakers and clashes dramatically with the Trump administration's efforts to advance domestic oil, gas and coal production by rolling back environmental protections.

"It's no exaggeration to say that if implemented, the Green New Deal would upend our way of life and destroy the liberty and prosperity that Americans, of all backgrounds, now enjoy", Jarrett Stepman writes at The Daily Signal. The panel is simply exploratory and will be offering solutions to standing committees with jurisdiction to actually draft any legislation that is needed.

They include "net-zero greenhouse gas emissions through a fair and just transition for all communities and workers"; job creation; infrastructure investment; guarantees of clean water, healthy food and sustainable environment; and a curiously undefined "access to nature".

On the economic front, the plan bundles together a host of liberal wish-list items.

Conservatives were also critical of a part of the plan that called for every building in the U.S.to be upgraded or replaced to make them more energy efficient. She said she also wants to hear from the new climate committee, which she said will "spearhead Democrats" work' on climate issues.

The Green New Deal would be paid for "the same way we paid for the original New Deal, World War II, the bank bailouts, tax cuts for the rich and decades of war - with public money appropriated by Congress", Ocasio-Cortez said.

Republicans have branded the proposal as a costly fringe policy goal, and many centrist Democrats have not backed the initiative.

Nearly every major new economic initiative proposed by Democrats - the Green New Deal, Medicare for all, debt-free college - has a common feature: Unlike most current social programs, it would benefit younger Americans at the expense of older Americans. Senators Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gilibrand, Corey Booker and Elizabeth Warren co-sponsored the resolution.

"We leave no one behind".

"Mother Nature has awakened so many Americans to the urgent threat of the climate crisis, and this proposal responds to the growing concern and demand for action", he said. They want to use fiscal policy to help fix the damage wrought by monetary policy.

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