New 'Pet Sematary' Trailer Is Terrifying

New 'Pet Sematary' Trailer Is Terrifying

New 'Pet Sematary' Trailer Is Terrifying

Like the book and the 1989 movie, this one also revolves around Dr. Louis Creed (Clarke), his wife (Smeitz) and their two children as the family moves to ME and start bringing things back from the dead with the help of a mysterious burial ground.

A familiar mantra 'round these parts is, "It's a great time to be a Stephen King fan", and boy, is that doubly true today: Paramount just dropped the new trailer for Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer's Pet Sematary, and this thing continues to look freaky as all hell.

In this version of Pet Sematary, much as in the original 1983 film, a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods "unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences".

Pet Semetary is expected to be released on April 5 and will make its world premiere at the SXSW film festival. Except, this isn't just any burial ground. Creed originally buried Church near the "pet sematary" after he died in an accident, so we know this isn't good.

In the trailer, we see Church, a zombie cat, walking on the highway near Creed's home.

If you saw the original film or read the book, you may remember the Creed family's son Gage is the one who dies and returns. And Ellie being older than her brother allowed other characters to interact with her in a way that a toddler simply couldn't'. Even though Crandall warns Clarke to not tamper with death, Clarke doesn't listen and decides to bring back Ellie.

Due to the major plot spoiler above, we'll leave it there.

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