Trump adviser Stone: I'm not Kim Kardashian, don't need gag order

Trump adviser Stone: I'm not Kim Kardashian, don't need gag order

Trump adviser Stone: I'm not Kim Kardashian, don't need gag order

Stone objected to the proposal via his attorneys, arguing that public comment on politics and men's fashion is his job, so a gag order would interfere with his ability to earn a living. They also downplay his fame, citing as evidence that his Instagram following is only a fraction of celebrity Kim Kardashian West's. And Stone, who has pleaded not guilty, asks that the judge allow his case to be randomly assigned.

"Are you familiar from public reports or otherwise that a CNN reporter was camped outside Stone's house when the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested him?" asked Republican Rep. Doug Collins.

In a separate filing on Friday, the Department of Justice said it would not oppose a narrow order restricting all parties and lawyers from speaking publicly, if it would be "substantially likely" to undermine Stone's right to a fair trial.

Having addressed Twitter, Stone then moved on to Instagram.

"Roger Stone has faith in the jury system and in the mechanics of jury selection which are created to ensure a fair trial".

It is not uncommon for federal agents to raid a home with heavy force, even if the target is not suspected of committing a violent crime.

While they don't attack Jackson directly in their filings, Stone's attorneys took a second swing at her approach Friday. United States intelligence officials claim the emails were stolen during Russian cyber-attacks on Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) servers.

Stone's attorneys seek more information about why the hacking case and Stone's were deemed to be related.

The DC District Court has special rules that govern related cases so that those with similar facts can be assigned to the same judge. Stone faces no charges in connection with the hack - though he was mentioned anonymously in their indictment as communicating with the Russians. "On the ground was a large metal device used to break down a door which was unnecessary", Stone told Sinclair Broadcast Group. The case is against Roger Jason Stone Jr.

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