Meghan Markle Reportedly Heartbroken Over Father Thomas Leaking Letter

Meghan Markle Reportedly Heartbroken Over Father Thomas Leaking Letter

Meghan Markle Reportedly Heartbroken Over Father Thomas Leaking Letter

The star drew comparisons between Meghan and the media's obsession with her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, who died in a vehicle accident after being chased by photographers. (AAP) Harry and Meghan are expecting their first baby this year.

The Gravity star went on to directly reference the alleged handwritten letter, in which Meghan reportedly accused her dad Thomas of having "broken my heart into a million pieces" by telling falsehoods to the media.

Clooney, 57, said history was repeating itself in the case of Meghan and Diana, warning "we've seen how that ends".

A letter to Thomas Markle from his daughter Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has been shared by the estranged father - read it in full here.

In a 2017 BBC documentary, William described paparazzi who followed her as "a pack of dogs" that "followed her, chased her, harassed her, called her names, spat at her, trying to get a reaction, to get that photograph of her lashing out".

The unnamed confidantes told People Mr Markle responded with a request for a "father-daughter photo shoot".

They also expressed their concerns for Meghan and her unborn baby.

"So to hear about the attacks you've made at Harry in the press, who was nothing but patient, kind, and understanding with you, is perhaps the most painful of all". Something I will never understand.If you love me ... allow us to live our lives in peace.

Meghan Markle's coverage has turned increasingly critical with reports of palace sniping over her manner.

"They're just chasing Meghan Markle everywhere, she's been pursued and vilified", Clooney said at a promotional event for his new film, according to the UK's Press Association (PA) news agency.

He quipped: "I'm now a father of twins".

The man himself then handed said letter to The Mail on Sunday to publish, revealing that the Duchess had begged him to stop exploiting their relationship in the press (a plea he has obviously ignored). "This you know. No texts, no missed calls, no outreach from you - just more global interviews you're being paid to do to say harmful and hurtful things that are untrue".

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