Cents Burns All His Gucci As Response To Their Racism

Cents Burns All His Gucci As Response To Their Racism

Cents Burns All His Gucci As Response To Their Racism

Upon receiving T.I's Floyd diss, "Fu*k N***a", Floyd took to Instagram to clap back in his own fashion. Some suggest that he could have rather given those expensive clothes to people who'll rather need it than to destroy them.

T.I. continued by rapping, "Don't mean you s- on the people who trying to be equal / Everyday fighting oppression and you just gon' side with the evil / What do you care about? did you not hear about / Black women missing, we don't know their whereabouts / See that's what you should be calling the mayor about / Offer what ever is a fair amount / It's a water crisis out in Flynt and ain't you from MI..."

"Italian designer Gucci issued a grovelling apology earlier this month after selling the black jumper which stretched over the mouth and featured red lips, a traditional feature of blackface". This boy gonna get on a yacht and live life. I'm not a follower.

"I'm not no follower, I do what the f-k I wanna do", the boxer said while on a massive shopping spree with his crew at the Gucci store in Beverly Hills.

"Damn, it must suck to be a fuck ni-a/Old greedy ass ni-a only thinking about his self", T.I. raps, apparently aiming at the boxer. He get the fame, he get the wealth. Ever considered that? Generally, people like to know their money is going to people who share their sense of morality, and unless your target demographic is Chris Brown, beating women usually doesn't win you many fans.

The artwork of "F*ck N*gga" features a cleverly photoshopped image of Mayweather dressed in one the offending Gucci garments. "People boycott for trend but turn around and still shop at H&M and watch the NFL", Mayweather continued.

The luxury fashion brand has recently seen a massive boycott, helmed by their wealthiest customers, over this nonsensical blackface balaclava from their winter collection. Download BRIEFLY's news app on Google Play now and stay up-to-date with major South African news!

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