DOJ denies Andrew McCabe's claims that department considered removing Trump from office

DOJ denies Andrew McCabe's claims that department considered removing Trump from office

DOJ denies Andrew McCabe's claims that department considered removing Trump from office

According to CBS host Scott Pelley, who interviewed Mr. McCabe, the former acting Federal Bureau of Investigation director also reaffirmed reports that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein offered to wear a wire to record the president in meetings.

A former acting Director of the FBI has confirmed reports that officials of the US Justice Department discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office when he fired FBI Director James Comey because of suspicion that he (Trump) could be a Russian stooge.

Mr Trump added: "There is a lot of explaining to do to the millions of people who had just elected a president who they really like and who has done a great job for them with the military".

He said he would subpoena the former F.B.I. director and the deputy attorney general if necessary, the New York Times reports.

In the interview, McCabe also describes efforts he made to ensure FBI investigations into the president would not be ended "were I removed quickly of reassigned or fired".

"I've never heard any discussion of the 25th amendment by members of the government and I would never expect to", Pence told NBC News during an interview from Poland where he is attending a conference on security in the Middle East on security in the Middle East.

McCabe's interview comes as part of a book tour launch for his new book, "The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump".

Watch the complete interview with McCabe on "60 Minutes" Sunday at 7 p.m. on CBS 6.

McCabe was sacked in March after internal FBI investigators found that he hadn't been forthcoming about authorizing discussions with a reporter about a pending investigation.

Supporters of Trump have lashed out at McCabe's account, calling any such move a "coup" against the president.

He told reporters at the time that he and Rosenstein "actually have a very good relationship", and said "I get along very well with him".

FILE - In this June 7, 2017, file photo, then-FBI acting director Andrew McCabe listens during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, on Capitol Hill in Washington.

As IJR previously reported, Pelley revealed that the talks occurred during the time of Comey's firing and that the DOJ was attempting to figure out its strategy moving forward.

"He was absolutely serious".

Justice Department Thursday denied McCabe's claims, insisting Rosenstein never authorized any consideration of invoking the 25th Amendment.

McCabe was sacked last March from the bureau where he had served for more than two decades just a day before he could retire with a full pension.

McCabe's book and recent interviews have reignited the long-running feud between Trump and one of his top Justice Department officials, and at least one senator has taken up the president's case.

"I believe I was sacked because I opened a case against the president of the United States", he said.

McCabe denies accusations from the Office of the Inspector General that he misled investigators.

"Put together, these circumstances were articulable facts that indicated that a crime may have been committed", McCabe said.

McCabe, the Hill reports, told Scott Pelley that DOJ officials discussed removing the president under the 25th Amendment, which provides a constitutional process should a president become disabled.

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