Seven MPs quit the Labour Party over Brexit and anti-Semitism

Seven MPs quit the Labour Party over Brexit and anti-Semitism

Seven MPs quit the Labour Party over Brexit and anti-Semitism

He has been an outspoken critic of Corbyn.

Brexit has divided the Labour party.

The Good Law Project's Jo Maugham QC, a prominent Remainer who acted as an advisor to the Labour party under former leader Ed Miliband, accused Corbyn's Labour of promoting "populism long on diagnosis and short on cures, selectively interested in bigotry, unwilling to oppose the flagship policy of the Hard Right, a personality cult with disdain for its members' views".

Angela Smith: She has been MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge since 2010 and previously worked as MP for Sheffield Hillsborough.

Mr Hatton, then deputy leader of Liverpool city council, caused a bitter Labour row in 1985 by setting an illegal budget in a challenge to Margaret Thatcher's Conservative Government.

The split further fractures Britain's unstable political landscape, which has been riven by disagreement over Brexit, and comes as Prime Minister Theresa May's government is seeking a last-ditch compromise with Brussels to appease British lawmakers and avoid crashing out of the EU.

Chris Leslie, one of the seven, said the party had been "hijacked" by the "hard left".

Seven British lawmakers quit the main opposition Labour Party on Monday over its approach to issues including Brexit and anti-Semitism, blasting open a long-simmering rift in the left-of-center party.

Seven Labour MPs have broken away from Jeremy Corbyn and formed "The Independent Group".

Many Labour members oppose Brexit - which is due in less than six weeks, on 29 March - and want the party to fight to hold a new referendum that could keep Britain in the 28-nation bloc.

They will continue to sit as lawmakers in parliament under the banner "The Independent Group".

The Independent Group website consisted of a statement from the MPs, who claimed their 'primary duty as Members of Parliament is to put the best interests of our constituents and our country first'.

It says its values include backing a "diverse, mixed social market economy", reducing inequality "through the extension of opportunity" and investing in public services. But they hope together they'll start as a few, and end up being a group for the many. The group said that was a sign of "overwhelming support".

How has the Labour Party reacted?

Angela Smith, for example, now admits that during the 2017 election she was telling voters in her constituency that her leader could not, and would not be prime minister, despite campaigning for the party he was at the top of.

Mr Gapes, a former chairman of the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, told the press conference: "I am sickened that the Labour Party is now a racist, antisemitic party". 'Not for a mood of anger or a tone of triumph'. A centre party, Williams had said, would have "no roots, no principles, no philosophy and no values" - a phrase, Crewe and King noted, she came back to repeatedly.

It follows disquiet over how the Labour leadership has handled the party's position on Brexit and concerns over anti-Semitism.

"Marxism is now masquerading as the Labour Party". I am strongly opposed to Labour splits, but [this] is the incorrect response. As rumours swirled that the seven were about to announce that they'd quit the party, other Labour members - including some of the shadow cabinet - began making "loyalty pledges" online.

The SDP later joined an electoral alliance with the Liberal Party, and ultimately merged to become the Liberal Democrats.

She said: "Most people are like my family".

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