Visegrad leaders meet Netanyahu in Israel without Poland

Visegrad leaders meet Netanyahu in Israel without Poland

Visegrad leaders meet Netanyahu in Israel without Poland

Katz also said that "the Poles" collaborated with the Nazis in World War II and share responsibility for the Holocaust.

Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich was, like Baumol, born in the U.S. He, too, says that he is involved in nurturing the current Polish Jewish community and ties with the government.

Israel's Foreign Ministry confirmed Monday that the summit had been called off, saying all four European countries had to be present.

The issue began on Thursday as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly said during his trip to Poland that "Poles cooperated with the Germans" during the Holocaust, causing an uproar among Poles, some of whom have denied research supporting the claim.

A spokesman for the Israeli prime minister, who was in Warsaw for a USA -sponsored Middle East conference, said Netanyahu had been misquoted by The Jerusalem Post, which issued a corrected story.

But Morawiecki said he was canceling the Polish participation altogether because he considered Katz's comments "racist" and 'absolutely unacceptable'.

Poland is still awaiting an apology from Israel over its acting foreign minister's comments on the alleged anti-Semitism of the Poles.

Poland sees itself as a victim rather than a collaborator with the Nazis. The prime ministers of the other three countries came and met with Netanyahu but without Poland it couldn't be a summit. These include the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, another participant at the Israeli-hosted gathering. In brief comments alongside the three visiting leaders, Netanyahu made no mention of the elephant in the room, focusing instead on a range of joint economic, technological and cultural projects.

But the European Union, like most of the world, believes the status of the disputed city, at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, must first be settled in peace talks between the two sides. He is an emissary of Shavei Israel in Krakow, amid a trend of Polish citizens who have been discovering that they are Jewish, following the years of the Holocaust and communist rule in Poland.

After pressure from the US government and an outcry in Israel, Poland watered down the legislation, removing the prison sentences.

Netanyahu's relations with leaders such as Orban has also drawn criticism. He also used anti-Semitic tropes against the liberal American-Hungarian billionaire George Soros during his re-election campaign.

In response to a question from The Associated Press during his two-day visit to Warsaw, Netanyahu said he has raised the issue of historical revisionism with the various leaders.

The planned summit of four nations known as the Visegrad Group - Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia - was supposed to take place Tuesday.

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