Labour's Brexit plan is rejected - now it must support a People's Vote

Labour's Brexit plan is rejected - now it must support a People's Vote

Labour's Brexit plan is rejected - now it must support a People's Vote

The prime minister had accepted much of the so-called Cooper-Letwin proposals in the face of a remainer rebellion, promising MPs votes on whether to proceed with a no-deal Brexit and whether to delay Article 50 if the prime minister's deal is voted down again on March 12.

A Labour MP said she fears her party's endorsement of a referendum on the Brexit deal could force Tory rebels to back Theresa May's deal.

Tonight's votes also marked the moment Labour switched its support from pursuing its own Brexit to backing a second referendum.

Jeremy Corbyn said he would continue to push for a version of his Brexit plan despite its overwhelming rejection by the Commons as pressure mounted on Labour to commit to a second referendum.

Labour MP Alison McGovern, a leading supporter of the People's Vote campaign, said: "Labour policy was adopted unanimously at the party conference to campaign to give the people the choice of staying in the European Union on the same terms as now or opting for a negotiated form of Brexit".

Data from Commons Votes Services.

The amendment contained Theresa May's commitment on giving MPs a vote on delaying Brexit if both her deal and no-deal are rejected by MPs.

"At this eleventh hour it's vital that preparations take place for a People's Vote", Independent Group MP Chris Leslie told Sky News.

But despite her upbeat tone, the prime minister comes under fierce attack from her old Brexit adversary, the former Brexit secretary David Davis, also writing in the Daily Mail.

The PM's de facto deputy said it was due to the "extensive work that has taken place to make good the call from this House to make legal changes to guarantee that the Northern Irish backstop can not endure indefinitely".

"He has gone back on his promise to respect the referendum result and now wants to hold a divisive second referendum that would take our country right back to square one", she said.

However, a government spokesperson refused to confirm whether the government would whip its MPs to support an extension or hold a free vote on the matter.

However, the 585-page Withdrawal Agreement and the accompanying Political Declaration on future relations agreed by May and European Union leaders in November was rejected by a majority of more than 200 votes in January, and there is little sign that attitudes have shifted since then.

A Number 10 source said the South Leicestershire MP had breached a long-standing convention that members of the administration - including parliamentary private secretaries (PPSs) - can not table amendments to Government motions.

The leader of the Tory hard Brexit-supporting European Research Group [ERG] has now hinted he could back the PM's divorce from Brussels if it is tweaked rather than re-written.

In a joint statement, they said: "The Government has just confirmed acceptance of all the proposals in our amendments".

MPs later rejected a Scottish National Party amendment to rule out a no-deal Brexit in any circumstances and at any time by a margin of 288-324.

Ahead of the debate, Jacob Rees-Mogg dramatically jettisoned his demand for the Irish backstop to be scrapped completely as Mrs May urged Parliament to "do its duty" and vote through her Brexit deal.

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