United Kingdom royals to block trolls on their social media sites

United Kingdom royals to block trolls on their social media sites

United Kingdom royals to block trolls on their social media sites

On Monday, March 4, it was announced that there are a new set of guidelines and rules in place when interacting with the royals on social media.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits Cinemagic in Ballymena, Northern Ireland February 28, 2019.

In their latest attempt to create a "safe environment" on their social media accounts, Kensington Palace has release a new list of guidelines for their fans as far as what they can expect - and how they ought to behave - on interacting with them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

The guidelines come amid concern about the online abuse aimed at the wives of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Comments must also not "promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age", and must not be "off-topic, irrelevant or unintelligible".

The protocol said royal officials would determine whether the guidelines had been breached and anyone who did so would be blocked or have their comments hidden or deleted. As well as promising to deleting and blocking any abuse that's spotted across the platforms, the royal representatives also add that they will "send any comments we deem appropriate to law enforcement authorities for investigation".

The royal family's website warns that the palaces reserve the right to "hide or delete" comments, "as well as block users who do not follow these guidelines".

The Royal Family account on Twitter has some 3.87 million followers, and the Kensington Royal account, the official account of the two dukes and duchesses and their foundation, has another 1.69 million.

"It is not just the royal princesses who are being trolled, every royal journalist, every royal correspondent is being trolled as well", royal biographer Claudia Joseph told Reuters.

From their clothing choices to their weight, from their family relationships to their student days, both women have been the focus of relentless media attention and social media haranguing.

While it's sad that this is a necessary move from the palace, it's about time that the barrage of online abuse is taken a little more seriously.

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