Volvo is introducing a 112mph speed limiter to all its new cars

Volvo is introducing a 112mph speed limiter to all its new cars

Volvo is introducing a 112mph speed limiter to all its new cars

Several years ago, Volvo's President Håkan Samuelsson announced that the company was enacting a plan called Vision 2020-building cars so safe that by 2020 no one is killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo.

The change will be implemented globally starting in the second quarter of next year on vehicles planned for the 2021 model year.

Yet problems on the road aren't always only due to speed so much as the nut behind the wheel who can't drive very well, a fact which Volvo safety expert Jan Ivarsson also noted in today's announcement. But what Volvo has done here, in limiting its cars to a speed beyond all speed limits we know of in trying to "completely end serious injuries in fatalities in its cars", is neither fish nor fowl. Although speed limits exist in most countries, he said that people are still exceeding those limits by a wide margin.

Hakan Samuelsson, its CEO, acknowledged that speed limitation was "not a cure-all" but added: "It's worth doing if we can even save one life".

Still, Volvo is venturing into an area automakers have been hesitant to approach: reducing the speed of cars and trucks.

Volvo has been something of a pioneer of safety for decades.

Worse yet, unless these other slow-down systems are really advanced and well-tested before release, I fear that they'll be taking control away from a driver who's able to see and react to what's ahead and handing it to a vehicle that thinks there's a school on the map.

Traffic accident data from NHTSA shows that 25 percent of all traffic fatalities in the 2017 were caused by speeding.

The company said it was considering deploying facial recognition cameras in cars to monitor a motorist's attentiveness and prevent people from driving while distracted or drunk. Volvo also did not specifically state if this change will only affect the USA, or if other global markets will have speed-limited cars, too. Due to enter production in 2020, the.

"As humans, we all understand the dangers with snakes, spiders and heights".

'We need to support better behaviour and help people realise and understand that speeding is risky'.

It will not be possible to turn off the limited speed, a company spokeswoman said.

Volvo is looking into other "smart" fixes for speeding, such as geofencing cars around certain areas like schools and hospitals to keep the auto from breaking speed limits. The aim is to reduce speeding while also addressing the two other safety gaps after speeding - intoxication and driver distraction.

"We can have a discussion about whether we are acting as a "big brother" and we are happy to debate that", Samuelsson said.

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