King Richard: Will Smith to Star as Venus & Serena Williams’ Dad

King Richard: Will Smith to Star as Venus & Serena Williams’ Dad

King Richard: Will Smith to Star as Venus & Serena Williams’ Dad

Smith stars in Disney's upcoming "Aladdin" live-action film, which will hit theaters May 24.

Will Smith has been cast as Richard Williams, father to tennis legends Serena and Venus Williams in a new biopic about the athletes.

King Richard is based on a script from Zach Baylin. Tim and Trevor White are attached as producers.

Williams, who had no tennis background, overcame tremendous hardship, skepticism, and his own troubled past to raise two of the game's greatest players. Deadline Hollywood also says Allan Mandelbaum and Caleeb Pinkett are executive producers, and Mary Solomon and Rick Rickertsen are co-producers. He even mapped out a 78-page plan for their tennis careers and started the girls practicing on decrepit public courts in Compton.

Having never seen a tennis match in his life, Richard Williams checked the potential of the profession, studied every inch of the sport and trained his daughters with techniques that go beyond the usual sessions, adding more exercises related to American football and basketball to enhance their physique.

It is without a doubt that anyone can attest to the 70-year-old's contribution to his daughters careers especially Serena who has gone on to win 23 Grand Slam tournaments.

Will Smith promised to bring a "hip hop flavor" to the character played by Robin William in the twenty-seven-year-old animated classic.

Richard Williams isn't as recognizable as Simone, an icon whose work and appearance was defiantly political and called attention to her blackness.

News recently broke that Will Smith will not be returning as Deadshot in the Suicide Squad sequel.

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