Pope prays for Alabama tornado victims as Trump prepares to visit

Pope prays for Alabama tornado victims as Trump prepares to visit

Pope prays for Alabama tornado victims as Trump prepares to visit

Ninety people were injured.

Government teams surveying storm damage confirmed Tuesday that at least 18 tornadoes struck on Sunday in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and SC alone.

"Lee County, Alabama has absolutely banded together".

The tornado swept mobile homes tucked among tall pine trees from their bases and smashed them into unrecognizable piles of rubble.

Roofs were torn off homes, debris was scattered all around, and communities in Beauregard, Alabama looked from above as if they had been hit by a bomb on Sunday.

Mr Jones said the storm's path of destruction stretched for miles through his rural county.

Officials believe the death toll is stabilized.

A tragic and confused situation follows last Sunday's deadly tornados in Lee County, Alabama.

Law enforcement teams searching for victims used dogs and infrared-equipped drones that can detect body heat.

Lee County Coroner Bill Harris says other coroners and funeral homes from around the state are pitching in to help prepare the victims for funerals.

A post on the Lee-Scott Academy's Facebook page said fourth-grader Taylor Thornton was among those killed.

While the quick and generous responses to Go Fund Me requests-in some cases raising tens of thousands of dollars within hours-underscore the deep sympathy for victims and survivors, the response of governmental and charitable agencies to the disaster in Lee County has been chaotic at best. But in just three months, she had made multiple friends-some of whom quickly grew close to her, according Cox.

Julie Morrison and her daughter-in-law picked through the ruins of Morrison's home in Beauregard, looking for keys and a wallet.

"We searched the whole house by hand the first day and we didn't find her", Hunter Lashley said.

"He's pretty banged up, but he's going to make it and his family is doing well", he said of Burroughs. He said officials would continue working in the area, along with Smiths Station, to ensure that no one was overlooked.

The weather service found evidence that two tornadoes struck the area.

The Beauregard community in the twister's path might have had as few as eight or nine minutes to seek shelter from the time the warning was issued, National Weather Service chief meteorologist Chris Darden said.

Rescue crews using dogs and drones searched for victims amid splintered lumber and twisted metal Monday after the deadliest U.S. tornado in almost six years ripped through a rural Alabama community.

"It looks like someone nearly just took a giant knife and scraped the ground", Sheriff Jay Jones said.

Debris sits on the side of a road in a neighborhood devastated by a tornado in Beauregard, Ala., Tuesday, March 5, 2019. University of Georgia meteorology professor Marshall Shepherd said government forecasters "were all over it". Southeast of Auburn is the small, unincorporated town of Beauregard, which was home to a ravaging tornado that claimed that lives of at least 23 people.

Lashawn Wilson sat crammed between her 72-year-old mother, her son and her husband in the bathroom of her mom's home. "No mean bone in her body whatsoever". The family members got out just in time, but Bugsy the cat was inside.

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