Trudeau: Crisis deepens as second minister quits

Trudeau: Crisis deepens as second minister quits

Trudeau: Crisis deepens as second minister quits

A key part of this has been the promotion of identity politics, with Trudeau claiming to be pursuing a "feminist" foreign policy as his government integrates Canada still more fully into the United States military-strategic offensives-against Russia, China, and now Venezuela-and touting a gender-balanced, unprecedentedly ethnically diverse cabinet.

"There can be a cost to acting on one's principles, but there is a bigger cost to abandoning them", Philpott wrote in her resignation letter to Trudeau on Monday.

"What should be worrisome for the Trudeau Liberals is that the two cabinet resignations have been on issues of principle and ethics", said Nanos Research pollster Nik Nanos.

Wilson-Raybould testified last week she was pressured to instruct the director of public prosecutions to negotiate a remediation agreement with SNC-Lavalin.

Playing the role of the faceless and allegedly unsavoury corporation is SNC-Lavalin, an engineering and construction company based in Montreal but with worldwide operations in 50 countries and annual revenue of £5.7billion.

Trudeau's defense strategy appears to depend on carefully chipping away at Wilson-Raybould's credibility without flatly accusing her of lying, a strategy that will presumably widen to include Philpott as well.

Trudeau wanted Wilson-Raybould to consider inviting SNC-Lavalin to submit to a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) that would include acknowledgement of guilt, financial penalties, and require future undertakings to prevent wrongdoings.

In a new development, Treasury Board President Jane Philpott -once one of Trudeau's closest allies - resigned on Monday, saying she had lost confidence in the government.

Wilson-Raybould tweeted to Philpott that "you are a leader of vision and strength and I look forward to continuing to work alongside you".

Following Philpott's resignation, Andrew Scheer took to Twitter, again calling for the prime minister's resignation. Trudeau's story changes daily and won't come clean with Canadians.

He also said police had not contacted anyone in his office. This week, Canada's most influential news magazine, Maclean's, published an article about the affair titled "Justin Trudeau, Imposter". Gerald Butts, his closet adviser and best friend, also resigned last month and is scheduled to testify Wednesday before a Parliament justice committee in Trudeau's defense.

How did Trudeau react to resignations and the scandal? One of our other leading political parties the New Democratic Party has asked for a public inquiry.

The BoC is expected to hold rates this week at 1.75 percent but many reckon it is edging towards a cut later in 2019.

Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is taking an unexpected political beating. But Philpott clearly believes her, and doesn't believe him.

MANN: Yeah. This has really been moving quick. Toronto's Globe and Mail first reported on the scandal at the beginning of February. However, she stressed her choice wasn't related to the ongoing SNC-Lavalin affair.

February 25 - Trudeau partly waives both solicitor-client privilege and cabinet confidentiality for his former attorney general, paving the way for Wilson-Raybould to tell her side of the SNC-Lavalin saga to the justice committee and ethics commissioner. Wilson-Raybould suggested she was demoted as retaliation for not succumbing to the pressure to merely fine the company rather than going to trial. She told Parliament the newspaper account was true.

Wilson-Raybould has said she will remain a member of the Liberal Party and run for re-election in October. Can you explain that?

There was little immediate sign that other key cabinet members would leave.

MANN: Yeah, this is escalating.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police had accused the firm of paying almost CA$48 million (US$36 million) in bribes. And that's what we will always do. In Quebec, where the issue matters most, the Liberals become by default the champion of local head offices, jobs, and incomes, regardless of how the SNC-Lavalin corruption case turns out.

"This blow won't bring down the government, and Trudeau, like Diefenbaker, will survive and fight back", Wiseman told the Associated Press. There's this very influential Canadian newsmagazine here called Maclean's. Does Trudeau kick them out?

How well has Mr Trudeau handled the situation in your view? He seemed bulletproof just a few weeks ago.

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