Finally with Captain Marvel the franchise gets a complex female superhero

Finally with Captain Marvel the franchise gets a complex female superhero

Finally with Captain Marvel the franchise gets a complex female superhero

Carol took on the name Ms. Marvel, and in 1977 got her own comic book, which was marketed at the time as a progressive, feminist take on superheroes. There's a whole sequence of Carol and her best friend Maria (Lashana Lynch) that feels like a gender-swapped Top Gun, and I know that is a line that could outrage plenty of you, but I don't care, because I didn't even know I had a lady-aviator-sized hole in my heart before, but now it is filled. To draw strength, she experiences a flashback to all the times in her life when she was knocked down and told to quit because, well, she was just a girl.

Captain Marvel is now playing in theaters!

Samuel L Jackson and Brie Larson star in Captain Marvel.

Larson mentioned her experience at the base in a tribute tweet last April. As a full bird colonel in the Air Force, Carol outranks Captain America in the comics, and she frequently enjoys reminding him of this fact.

Brie Larson learned some valuable life lessons from her latest movie, Captain Marvel.

In a key moment, Captain Marvel's shadow will fall across the face of one of her worst enemies as he literally cowers in the sand at her feet. She possesses considerable powers - including the ability to shoot photon beams from her hands and travel through space - but is still being instructed on how to harness and control them by her commander and mentor, played by Jude Law.

And think about us, the women in the fandom, who now have exactly one Marvel movie about a female superhero, after over ten years of going to watch and support all the male-centric films. And we're glad to see Rocket Racoon so prominent, we hope he has a major contribution to Endgame's story.

Sitting at the dinner table with Maria, her daughter Monica (Akira Akbar), Carol, the Skrull leader Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), and his wife at Maria's home in Louisiana, Fury holds an ice pack over his eye, which is visibly swollen and causing his eyelid to droop down and block his vision. Tearing through the toughest defenses, Captain Marvel unleashes two powerful beams of cosmic energy, or "Photon" Blasts, before leaping in for an Earth shaking punch.

It is spectacular and unsurprising that Captain Marvel, a vivid action-adventure centered on the rise of Carol Danvers, is the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe led by a female superhero.

Wisely, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (who co-directed 2015's Sundance darling Mississippi Grind) hastily whisk Carol to Earth (circa 1995) where she can find more entertaining people to hang out with.

What happens: We're in the post-Infinity War days, as evidenced by a ten-figure "global missing" count on the wall of an Avengers facility.

Brie Larson may be a famous Marvel superhero now, but the Oscar victor didn't have an easy journey to Hollywood stardom. Taking the Enhanced Fury Mastery into a fight will greatly multiply Captain Marvel's damage.

Celebrating women in the military, single mothers and female mentors are among the many off-road excursions in Captain Marvel, all rarities for superhero blockbusters.

When is the Captain Marvel release date?

Captain Marvel will also set new IMAX theatre records around the world by opening on 1,360 of the big screens. In doing so, the film answers a mystery that's gone unsolved for 11 years, since the debut of Iron Man and the start of the MCU as we know it today.

And now, a huge, Quadjet-size spoiler warning if you'd rather go into the movie (and maybe Avengers: Endgame?) cold.

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