Jaguar attacks woman trying to take selfie at zoo

Jaguar attacks woman trying to take selfie at zoo

Jaguar attacks woman trying to take selfie at zoo

Witness Adam Wilkerson told CNN he was visiting the zoo when he heard cries for help and saw the victim's arm stuck in the jaguar's claws.

The zoo also asked people to understand why barriers are put in place and offering prayers to the family of the woman who suffered a non-life-threatening injury in the incident.

Gilleland said the woman, who was not publicly identified, was taken to a hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening.

A woman is now receiving medical treatment after a jaguar attacked her when she crossed over the safety barrier and climbed into the animal enclosure to try to take a selfie with it.

Video of the incident showed the woman, who is in her thirties, writhing on the ground.

"At no time was the animal out of its enclosure", the zoo said in a statement.

Kristy Morcom, spokesperson for Wildlife World Zoo, said barriers around animal enclosures are put in place for the safety of both the guests and animals.

"Without thinking, I had no idea what I was going to see, I just ran over there", he told CNN.

And when asked what had happened, the zoo replied to one social media user by saying: "She climbed over a barrier to get a photo". "If you put the jaguar down, I'll NEVER go there again", wrote a woman on Twitter.

Wilkerson said his mother the rushed to distract the jaguar with a water bottle. "The jaguar lets go of the girl somewhat because the claw catches on just her sweater".

"We can promise you nothing will happen to our jaguar", the zoo said.

Wilkerson did not see the actual attack and could not comment on how the victim got so close to the animal.

No employees witnessed the incident either, according to Wilkerson.

"When people do not respect the barriers there's always a chance that there might be a problem".

Ollson said this is the second time the same jaguar hurt a park visitor who crossed the barrier.

Litchfield Park, where the zoo is located, is about 20 miles from Phoenix in Arizona.

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