Tesla Model Y gets 3.5 second 0-60mph potential

Tesla Model Y gets 3.5 second 0-60mph potential

Tesla Model Y gets 3.5 second 0-60mph potential

Like Model 3, Model Y requires no keys, but instead connects to your smartphone for seamless entry and exit, with a single 15-inch touchscreen interface inside for all of the car's controls.

Along the way, Musk explained the ins and outs of his naming convention, including the fact that he couldn't use the name "Model E" because Ford had it trademarked.

As he described the vehicles, each model was driven into the spotlight.

The more affordable Model Y will be produced some months later, hopefully not echoing the lag and drama over the $35k Model 3 Standard Range. Last week Tesla reversed course and said it would leave many stores open and raised prices back by about 3 percent. Y completed the acronym.

It took almost three years after Tesla's unveiling of the Model 3 before it sold for its promised price point of $35,000.

Up to now, Tesla's only offering in the segment has been the Model X, and while it's a very slick (and absurdly fast) people mover, it's also very expensive. And with Tesla being Tesla, an all-wheel drive dual-motor version will be available for $51,000 while a performance version will be available for $60,000. A standard version will be available in spring 2021, priced at $39,000 and with a 230-mile (370 km) range, Tesla said.

The event was streamed live online, which meant that we all got to have a front row seat to Elon Musk's dumb sex jokes that were sprinkled among a retrospective on each Tesla model to date. I'm now of the belief that the majority of the parts that Tesla doesn't make themselves will be identical to what they are in the Model 3.

Since all Tesla cars are manufactured in the USA, this makes them the only American company in over a century to produce their cars in the country. Bringing in early down payments for the vehicles would help Tesla generate the cash it needs to repay almost $1.7 billion in loans that come due within the next 16 months. "It's tough to say the Model 3 was the wrong auto all along".

Production of the Model 3 quickly fell behind schedule as Tesla struggled to come up with adequate manufacturing capacity and it took much longer than anticipated to lower the sedan's starting price to the $35,000 level that Musk had been promoting. "So there you have the S3XY presentation". It will be interesting to see if - and by how much - this configurator changes in the year and a half until the first production models hit the street. "2018 felt like aging five years in one", he said.

The model range will be familiar to anyone that's thought about buying a 3.

As for the solar roof, Back in October 2016, Musk unveiled the product on the set of a TV show.

But as soon as you start tacking on the fun stuff like the "full self-driving capability" that's supposed to be production-ready later in 2019, things get pricier.

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