EU's Verhofstadt: EU must increase pressure on Britain over Brexit

EU's Verhofstadt: EU must increase pressure on Britain over Brexit

EU's Verhofstadt: EU must increase pressure on Britain over Brexit

Professor Iain Begg, of the European Institute and co-director of the Dahrendorf Forum at the London School of Economics and Political Science, said: "EU agreement is likely, but the EU side will want reassurance that the extension is for a goal, not just to permit further procrastination by the UK".

It could be a legal standpoint that aids Prime Minister Theresa May to get Brexiteers that have opposed her deal twice, to vote for it in a third round next week.

In total 17 Labour MPs voted against the amendment, which was defeated by 334 votes to 85.

But going back to the people, he said, and humbly asking them to sort it out would be reasonable. Instead, this is the time for Parliament to declare it wants an extension of Article 50 so that, after two-and-a-half years of vexed negotiations, our political leaders can finally decide on what Brexit means.

On Tuesday, MPs rejected Mrs May's withdrawal agreement for a second time.

"No extension should be granted beyond July 1 unless the European Parliament elections are held at the mandatory date", the paper said according to the FT. Then happy Days for Remainers.

He reiterated he did not want to see "rolling" deadlines for Brexit and any request for an extension had to be for a "purpose".

"This will be the third time I have voted to leave". And yes these are being discussed. After two-and-a-half years of tortuous divorce negotiations with the European Union, the final outcome is still uncertain with options including a long delay, exiting with May's deal, a disorderly exit without a deal or even another referendum. While just not supplying MEPs will incur a few snotty letters to our Cabinet Office from Eurocrats, while we are royally sold down the river.

"Reasonable grounds for this (extension), would be to try to get these technical developments to make the backstop superfluous", Seif added, stressing that Britain would have to say what it wanted from an extension for it to be granted.

"If she can deliver those three things then it might scrape through, but it's a hell of a big mountain to climb".

Second, they will vote on a powerful cross-party bid to seize control of the Brexit process from next week.

He said he hoped the United Kingdom would "leave as soon as possible in an orderly fashion" if Parliament backs May's withdrawal agreement next week.

On Wednesday, Britain's House of Commons voted to prevent Britain from leaving the European Union without a deal in any circumstances. And there is none amongst those MPs for Brexit. Speaking to the BBC's Political Thinking podcast, Ms McVey said: "The element now is that people will have to take a bad deal rather than no deal".

And he said that the initial assessment was that it was illegal and not compatible with WTO rules.

Over the past week, a series of Brexit votes have taken place in the Commons. We don't think it works very well.

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