What is a 'full worm moon'?

What is a 'full worm moon'?

What is a 'full worm moon'?

Do the full moon and equinox always line up?

This full moon is also extra special because it will be a supermoon.

For the northerners, March full moon is called as the worm moon as it is at the same time of the year when earthworms emerge from the soils. Despite its slightly unsettlingly names the "worm moon" actually signifies the official start of spring which after a long awful winter, pretty much makes it my favorite moon of all time. The March full moon is also sometimes referred to as the "sap moon" as it marks the time of year when sugar maples begin to release their sap.

Those gazing up into the sky on Wednesday are set to witness an unusual event: a super worm moon that coincides with the equinox.

Wednesday, March 20, is the official First Day of Spring. During this process, the sun is shining directly over the earth's equator, bathing the earth's northern and southern hemispheres in almost an equal amount of sunlight.

On March 20, the direct rays of the sun are shining down on the equator producing the effect of equal day and night.

This week's full Sugar Moon will rise in the sky like a springtime treat: A supermoon that shows up to mark the first day of Spring. Here in the United Kingdom, the equinox will unfold at precisely 9.58pm GMT tonight (Wednesday, March 20). An equinox occurs twice a year when the tilt of Earth's axis is inclined nether away nor towards the sun.

By the end of the day, spring will officially have sprung - even if it doesn't feel like yet it in your city.

The moon will reach its closest point to Earth - what's known as lunar perigee - on Tuesday at 3:47 p.m. ET, but the moon won't be completely full until Wednesday at 9:43 p.m. ET.

The astronomers back then observed that the sun's rising and setting points moved slightly each day of the year - the two days of the year when the sun rose exactly due east and set exactly due west marked the equinoxes.

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