Apple prepares to unveil TV and news subscription services

Apple prepares to unveil TV and news subscription services

Apple prepares to unveil TV and news subscription services

For watching streaming on Apple TV, be sure it is a second generation Apple TV and backed by tvOS or the latest Apple TV software.

During the event, a short montage of Apple TV+'s original programming was shown, which featured Aniston sitting in the anchor's seat for The Morning Show.

Apple is making the announcements at its Cupertino, California, headquarters, in a Monday event studded with celebrities including Steven Spielberg, Jennifer Anniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.

Apple is officially gearing up to compete against major television and film streaming services this fall as they've officially announced their new subscription service.

Apple announced Monday that it's launching its own streaming service, Apple TV+, along with a new credit card, video game subscription service and a news subscription app. It won't have advertising. This is in contrast to the sometimes-confusing alphabet soup people can see on their credit card statements.

Apple shares were down about 1 per cent after about an hour of presentations at the event, which was broadcast online.

Revenue from its "services" segment - which includes the App Store, iCloud and content businesses such as Apple Music - grew 24 percent to $37.1 billion in fiscal 2018. The key new element is a new Apple Channels service, that lets users tap into content from HBO, Epix, Starz, and Showtime.

Apple's TV push has been cloaked in mystery.

Although the service will launch with more than 100 games, Apple says it will add more over time. It will be available for Apple iOS devices, Macs, and Apple TV. Speaking of the Apple TV app, it's being expanded to smart TVs from Samsung, Vizio, LG, and Sony as well as Roku and Amazon TV devices. Oprah cited that opportunity on Monday at the event.

Cook highlighted what the company has already been doing in the services realm, such as iCloud information storage, and touted the way they work across a myriad of Apple's devices, all the while keeping users' information "private and secure", a line that drew big applause. (SNAP.N) are funding shows on a smaller scale.

Netflix's prowess has attracted 139 million subscribers worldwide. Walt Disney, which bought 21st Century Fox, and AT&T, which purchased Time Warner, plan to launch or test new streaming video services this year.

Others, though, have seen Apple as a potential savior from years of onerous arrangements with Google and Facebook, in which the publishers' content has been at the mercy of opaque algorithms and the strategic whims of tech companies with mottos like "move fast and break things" as readers have moved nearly entirely to those platforms as their portals to find and consume content.

In a demonstration on stage, Apple showed off the service.

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