Democrats welcome fight as Trump tees up 2020 healthcare battle

Democrats welcome fight as Trump tees up 2020 healthcare battle

Democrats welcome fight as Trump tees up 2020 healthcare battle

Lujan, who is seeking a Senate seat in 2020, cited popular aspects of the law, such as protections for pre-existing conditions that could be threatened by Republicans, and said Democrats' protection of the law could help them also win control of the upper chamber next year.

"They [the Democrats] want "Medicare-for-All, government takeover of health care and the president wants to see health care returned to the power of the patient", said Sanders, providing no specifics to any potential GOP plan in the works". They don't yet have a comprehensive plan to replace the law, known as "Obamacare".

Senator John Cornyn, R, said he did not think that Trump's tweet removed any pressure from Republicans to come up with a healthcare solution - an issue he said he would continue to focus on in his own re-election campaign. "The Republican Party will be known as the Party of Great HealtCare", he said in the posting, adding: "Meantime, the US is doing better than ever & is respected again!"

Trump announced Monday that the Republican Party will present a health care reform plan after the 2020 elections.

Trump's effort to repeal the healthcare law narrowly failed in the Senate in 2017.

"The Republican Party is still trying to take away the health care of millions of Americans, they're just sick and exhausted of being blamed for it, despite the blame falling right on their shoulders", Schumer said on Capitol Hill this week.

Obamacare is the defining legislative achievement of the Obama presidency.

Democrats were quick to pounce Tuesday after Trump's retreat.

FILE PHOTO: U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) delivers remarks at a National Portrait Gallery Women's History Month reception in Washington, U.S., March 28, 2019. "What's out there right now is untenable", Perdue said, rejecting how the Affordable Care Act currently protects people with pre-existing conditions.

In his tweets, Trump claimed that a bill is in the works.

"His record is going to be very clear as he runs", said Bennet.

According to AP VoteCast, a survey of more than 115,000 midterm voters nationwide, almost 4 in 10 Democratic voters identified health care as the most important among a list of key issues.

In remarks to reporters Tuesday, Trump said, "I wanted to put it after the election because we don't have the House".

Smith pressed Sanders on how Trump plans to make health care a "winning issue for his party in 2020" if Republicans are unable to offer more than just criticisms of Obamacare. If it's upheld - as it has been in previous Supreme Court challenges - he can rail against a "liberal" court system.

Trump unsettled Republican lawmakers last week by putting the spotlight back on the thorny issue of repealing and replacing Obamacare, vowing that his party would turn to replacing the health care law as his administration backed a federal court ruling striking down the law in its entirety.

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