Lauren London remembers late boyfriend Nipsey Hussle in heart-wrenching tribute

Lauren London remembers late boyfriend Nipsey Hussle in heart-wrenching tribute

Lauren London remembers late boyfriend Nipsey Hussle in heart-wrenching tribute

Suspect Eric Holder was arrested yesterday after the getaway driver of the vehicle he fled in confessed to being at the scene. And now officers are busily questioning the woman who confessed to the media that she was the getaway driver. London asked Hussle, one of 30 questions she posed to the rapper as part of a challenge meant to see how well he knew her. (Hussle got 24 answers correct). The two other victims survived their injuries and have not been identified.

CNN obtained graphic surveillance video, which shows a gunman walking up to Hussle and two other men before opening fire. Hussle was killed in a shooting outside the clothing store on Sunday. At least 19 people were injured in the chaos, including two people who were taken to hospitals in critical condition, police said.

One resident likened him to the "president of the hood" and "Barack Obama of the streets" when interviewed by ABC on Tuesday.

He was set to meet with local authorities on Monday to discuss ways to end gang violence.

"The absolute worst way to pay back Nipsey's loss - somebody we lost at the hands of violence - is with more violence", he added. My sanctuary My protector My soul.... "I'm lost without you We are lost without you babe I have no words".

In a post shared on Instagram, the actress paid tribute to her longtime love, sharing a slideshow of rare photos of them together with their kids.

The MC and businessman, who seemed determined to bring jobs and entrepreneurship into his community, was Allegedly gunned down by Holder after a heated argument over snitching to the police in front of his store.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies went to the site and arrested Mr Holder, 29, and then handed him to police to be booked for murder.

The chief did not reveal how the two men were acquainted or offer any details about their dispute.

A tense scene unfolded Monday night at an impromptu memorial for Hussle in the parking lot where he was shot.

He the got into a waiting Chevy Cruze which was nearby.

"This awful thing happened one day before we had this meeting", Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff said at the Tuesday news conference, referring to the planned meeting with Hussle on gang violence.

She was released without charge.

"When we were watching it from footage from overhead, it was literally people scattered in all directions", she said.

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