Thousands of people displaced and Haftar's forces continue their attack on Tripoli

Thousands of people displaced and Haftar's forces continue their attack on Tripoli

Thousands of people displaced and Haftar's forces continue their attack on Tripoli

The health ministry in Tripoli said at least 21 people have been killed and 27 wounded in the fighting. He pointed out that 40 people have also been injured.

Photos and satellite images from the scene of the strikes on Mitiga appear to show that the strikes targeted Government of National Accord (GNA) Air Force Boeing CH-47 Chinook military transport helicopters based well away from civilian infrastructure, with the choppers believed to have been hit by shrapnel.

Dozens of people have been killed and thousands displaced in the fighting since Haftar's forces launched their onslaught against Tripoli and its unity government on Thursday, April 4. "Volcano of Anger" trapped Haftar's Al-Wadi Brigade in the city of Sabratha.

In a statement released today, Ribeiro said that the escalation of violence in and around Tripoli has caused the displacement of more than 2,800 persons fleeing from fighting, has blocked emergency services from reaching casualties and civilians, and damaged electricity lines.

Moscow insisted that the formal statement urge all Libyan forces to stop fighting, but the proposed change was opposed by the United States, council diplomats said.

The renewed conflict in a nation splintered since the 2011 toppling of Muammar Qaddafi also risks depleting medical supplies, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned.

According to the report, the security situation in western Libya is still "unclear and unpredictable".

"I make a very strong appeal to Libyan leaders and in particular to Haftar to stop all military activities.and to return to the negotiation table", Federica Mogherini said after talks with European Union foreign ministers.

"In the area around the airport, civilians were terrified immediately after this air strike".

The Libyan National Army, led by the former officer in Kaddafi's army, said that 19 of its soldiers had been killed in the past few days, with its tightened control over the internationally recognised government in Tripoli.

Meanwhile, fighting was underway Monday at Tripoli's former global airport, some 24 kilometers (15 miles) south of the city.

The government of Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj, 59, is seeking to block the LNA with the help of allied armed groups who have rushed to Tripoli from Misrata in pickup trucks fitted with machine guns.

Despite repeated worldwide calls for a truce, clashes have intensified, with dozens of people killed on both sides.

Mr Serraj has run Tripoli since 2016 as part of a UN-brokered deal boycotted by Mr Haftar.

The LNA, allied with a parallel eastern administration based in Benghazi, took the oil-rich south of Libya earlier this year before its surprisingly fast push toward the coastal capital.

Video footage of a U.S. vessel leaving the Libyan coast near Tripoli has surfaced, indicating growing security concerns as eastern Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar leads his troops in an advance on the city.

The violence has jeopardized a United Nations plan for an April 14-16 conference to plan elections and end anarchy that has prevailed since the Western-backed toppling of Gaddafi.

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