Brexit delay agreement pushes pound higher

Brexit delay agreement pushes pound higher

Brexit delay agreement pushes pound higher

The Confederation of British Industry said the Brexit extension means an "imminent economic crisis" has been averted for now.

"Perseverance is a virtue but sheer obstinacy is not", said eurosceptic Conservative Member of Parliament Mark Francois.

"I continue to believe we need to leave the European Union, with a deal, as soon as possible", said May in a statement, following the agreement with the EU. "This is our national duty as elected members of this House".

She is blocked by a strong faction in her own Conservative Party that hates her withdrawal deal and hopes to oust her, and talks aimed at winning support from the opposition Labour Party are moving forward slowly, if at all.

"The prime minister stuck rigidly to a flawed plan and now the clock has run down, leaving Britain in limbo", Mr Corbyn said.

Leftists and globalist-progressive Tories have been engaged in a continuity Remain campaign since June 2016 to either soften Brexit or stop it, such as by calling for a second referendum on Brexit in true Brussels fashion that if an electorate is asked enough times, they will eventually make a decision preferable to the EU. "There's a concern that if there is a Brexiteer prime minister who comes in after Prime Minister May, they might try to cause some trouble".

But U.K. lawmakers rejected it - three times.

"We did the best possible compromise to preserve the unity of the 27 (other European Union members) because we have left the United Kingdom more time to deliver a deal", Macron said.

The bloc had already granted Britain a delay once from the original March 29 deadline.

European Union leaders agreed on Thursday to delay Brexit until the end of October, with a review in June.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the new delay represented a "diplomatic failure" and typified May's "mishandling of the entire Brexit process".

He said the United Kingdom could still leave before that date if it got an agreement through Parliament in time and that ministers were committed to leaving at the "earliest opportunity".

British Prime Minister Theresa May faced down a call to resign on Thursday as she implored MPs to resolve the Brexit impasse at last after the European Union granted a new six-month delay.

Like many things Brexit-related, the extension was a messy compromise that left many unsatisfied. Some European leaders favored a longer extension, but French President Emmanuel Macron was wary of anything than a very short delay.

After months of late-night votes and bitter infighting, May urged lawmakers to take advantage of a break in parliamentary business until April 23rd - announced earlier in the day to cheers - and reflect upon the country's situation.

Theresa May says the choice facing the nation is between her deal and no Brexit, but increasingly it looks to be between Brexit and Mrs May. The two sides said they would resume their discussions Thursday. The party also fears any promises made by Mrs May could be undone by her successor, who is likely to come from the staunchly pro-Brexit wing of the Conservative Party.

The veteran socialist said while the cross-party talks on finding a compromise were constructive and serious, "the red lines must move and we must see a real compromise".

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