Sudan says NO to global criminal court over Omar al-Bashir

Sudan says NO to global criminal court over Omar al-Bashir

Sudan says NO to global criminal court over Omar al-Bashir

However, he may be put on trial inside Sudan, according to the military council.

"He's never been in the limelight like Ibn Ouf or General Kamal Abdelmarouf", the officer said, referring to the army's former chief of staff.

The Sudanese army claimed on Friday that it has no ambition to hold the reins of power for long after ousting al-Bashir, saying it responded to calls from the people against his rule.

In both situations, long time rulers were pushed aside by existing security structures on the back of mass protests, in a sign for authoritarian leaders that an army can be a foe as well as a friend.

He also announced the lifting of a night curfew implemented by his predecessor and ordered the release of all prisoners jailed under emergency laws ordered by Bashir.

The army would maintain "peace, order and security" across Sudan during an already announced transition period.

What followed was a series of protests by human activists groups.

No official reason has been given for either departure.

The African Union condemned the military takeover.

"This is not to mention the peaceful demands of handing over power to a transitional civilian government as one of the conditions that needs to be implemented".

Sudan has seen months of protests that erupted in the country in December.

The Sudan Doctors Committee says at least 38 people, including six soldiers who intervened to protect the protesters, have been killed since the sit-ins began on April 6.

Sudan's deputy UN ambassador, Yasir Abdalla Abdelsalam Ahmed, told the UN Security Council on Friday that any democratic process in the country required time, and he urged the global community to support a peaceful transition.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued two arrest warrants against Bashir for suspected genocide and war crimes.

The NISS has extensive powers and influence, supervising the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces.

Sara Abdelgalil, a spokeswoman for the Sudanese Professionals Association, said the worldwide community should now focus on preventing a massacre in Sudan.

They have forced out two powerful generals in just a matter of days.

Early on Thursday, military vehicles entered the large compound in Khartoum housing the defence ministry, the army headquarters and Mr Bashir's personal residence.

The so-called "Phase II" talks between the United States and Sudan were initiated after the Obama administration moved to lift a 20-year-old trade embargo against Khartoum in recognition of the country's help in fighting Islamic State and progress in improving its human rights record.

The SPA has previously said that any transitional administration must not include anyone from what it called the "tyrannical regime". They reiterated their rejection of military rule.

The protesters have said they will remain in the streets until a civilian transitional council is formed. The stability of Sudan depends on how they react to continued protests.

Mr Bashir has also been indicted by the ICC on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur.

Sudanese protesters rallied against the new military council in Khartoum on Thursday evening despite army warnings it would enforce a curfew.

"I invite all the people of Sudan, including political parties and civil society groups to engage in dialogue", al-Burhan said in his first televised address to the nation.

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