Donald Trump: Republicans Have Not Explained Tax Bill Well Enough

Donald Trump: Republicans Have Not Explained Tax Bill Well Enough

Donald Trump: Republicans Have Not Explained Tax Bill Well Enough

Workers at a heavy duty truck dealership were treated to a visit from President Trump on Monday as he delivered a message about taxes.

"We're getting historic tax relief", Trump said April 15 at Nuss Truck and Equipment. He claimed his tax cuts are the largest in US history, but the facts show otherwise. With the provisions taking effect past year, taxpayers are now tallying their final accounting and, in many cases, wondering what happened to the tax cuts touted by Mr. Trump and GOP lawmakers.

Companies were also winners in the scenario as a result of slashing the corporate tax rate to make the US more competitive with other countries.

Trump highlighted different cuts in the tax law, and described a doubling of the child tax credit.

"The White House contention that corporate tax cut-inspired widespread provision of bonuses that led to greater paychecks through bonuses or wage increases for workers is not supported by the BLS Employer Costs for Employee Compensation data", Mishel concluded. He was welcomed by Bob Nuss, the president of the trucking dealership that sells Mack trucks and Volvo construction equipment. During the visit, Trump sat near a displayed Mack truck and a Volvo loader and addressed a crowd of approximately 300.

Senator Shelby is serving in his sixth term in the United States Senate following four terms in the U.S. House of Representatives and two terms in the Alabama Senate. "My guess is majority don't do their own taxes, and I certainly don't trust them to look through the decades of success that the President has and determine anything", Sanders told Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday". "I've been on many a loader".

"This has been a very special state", said President Trump.

Trump had sold his tax plan as a deficit reducer and economic booster, both nationally and personally.

"Everything can be undone and bad, bad things can happen", Trump said.

U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Alabama, reintroduced legislation to establish a flat tax on all income on Monday.

Time magazine reports that only one-fifth Americans believe their taxes have gone down. A Reuters/Ipsos poll in March found that 21% thought their taxes were lowered.

You can apply for an extension from the IRS, which gives you six months to get your taxes filed.

He also says a package of corporate and individual tax cuts he signed into law in 2017 are "working very, very well".

Further muddling the picture was the federal deduction for state and local taxes being capped at $10,000, which has mattered in high-tax states such as Minnesota, California and NY, among others. And it closed or tightened various tax breaks - most notably by capping the amount of state and local taxes that can be deducted - which had its biggest impact on residents of high-tax, largely Democratic-run states.

This year's Tax Freedom Day was to fall on April 16 - 105 days into the year. He said those benefits will become more apparent over the next few years.

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