Aid group: Trump’s Yemen veto means more death, suffering

Aid group: Trump’s Yemen veto means more death, suffering

Aid group: Trump’s Yemen veto means more death, suffering

Asharif said that Trump's veto will lead to a continuing debate and "might cause some repercussions between the Congress and the American presidential administration that may leave a positive impact for the interest of Yemen".

"This resolution is an unnecessary, risky attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities, endangering the lives of American citizens and fearless service members, both today and in the future", Trump said.

The resolution had aimed to end U.S. backing for a war that Democratic House speaker Nancy Pelosi labelled "a horrific humanitarian crisis", but Trump vetoed it, citing the security of Americans in the region.

Proponents of the resolution, including Murphy and Khanna, say a withdrawal of USA military support could have pressured the Saudi-led coalition into making more progress in United Nations -brokered peace talks.

Democrats argue that U.S. involvement in the Yemen conflict, which includes intelligence-sharing, logistical support and now-discontinued aerial refuelling, is unconstitutional without congressional authority.

And it would "negatively affect our ongoing efforts to prevent civilian casualties and prevent the spread of terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and ISIS, and embolden Iran's malign activities in Yemen", Trump said.

Yes, there are no American troops fighting on the front lines in Yemen, but the Trump administration has been providing logistical support and intelligence to the Saudi-backed coalition that's fighting the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

The Saudi-led coalition launched its first raids on rebel strongholds on March 26, 2015 in a bid to bolster President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who now lives in Riyadh.

Critics of the intervention warn that Saudi forces are likely using U.S. weapons to commit atrocities in the four-year war.

Indeed, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made no mention of a veto override in her statement Tuesday night, in which she called for Trump to "put peace before politics". The coalition's bombing campaign-entailing almost 20,000 air raids carried out in part by USA bombs sold to Riyadh-has also eroded the country's underdeveloped infrastructure, including ports, markets, hospitals, factories, and roads, which helped prop up the country's faltering economy. "There are as many as 100 civilian casualties per week, and Yemenis are more likely to be killed at home than in any other structure".

We are providing this support for many reasons. Peace in Yemen requires a negotiated settlement. The UAE is the Saudi Arabia's principal ally in the coalition.

"But petrofinanced #NetanyahuFirsters and their enabler in the White House will continue - with American lives and against USA interests - to push for forever wars", Javad Zarif said on Twitter. "Instead, Trump's veto maintains the status quo and sends a signal to the Yemeni people and parties to the conflict that the not willing to use its influence to end this war".

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