Alpinist David Lama seen before avalanche in Canada

Alpinist David Lama seen before avalanche in Canada

Alpinist David Lama seen before avalanche in Canada

Further rescue efforts were put on hold due to bad weather and the risk of new avalanches. Rain and strong winds in the forecast are expected to make conditions worse. The men were trying to climb Howse Peak on the Icefields Parkway. The three men probably started their ascent on Tuesday, Stephen Holeczi, Parks Canada visitor safety specialist said.

John Roskelley had climbed the 10,810-foot Howse Peak, via a different route, in the 1970s and is said to know the area well. John Roskelley's hands were frozen to the point where, for a time, he couldn't feel them, he recalled in an essay about the climb, contained in an anthology he authored.

"There's definitely avalanche-prone slopes and cornices and snow mushrooms that are a form of avalanche that can be deadly", he said.

"If you want to equate it to racing, they are Formula 1 drivers", Blanchard told the paper.

Ash Routen, an adventure writer from the United Kingdom, says news of the incident has hit the outdoor world hard.

The son of a Nepalese mountain guide and an Austrian nurse, Lama had also won numerous climbing competitions in his younger years before devoting himself full-time to mountaineering in 2011. Roskelley, 36, was the son of famed mountaineer John Roskelley, the Calgary Sun reports. He was the youngest American to ever do so at the time. He shifted his focus to free climbing in 2011.

The apparent loss has left the global climbing community devastated as the likelihood they are still alive has slowly diminished.

"This route has some of the most hard climbing that you can find anywhere in the world", John said.

"He loved the people around him so deeply", she said, adding, "We've had just an outpouring of people who care for him".

An online biography of Roskelley on The North Face website says he grew up in Washington and spent his childhood adventuring with his family throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Auer has a huge reputation for a very bold style of mountaineering and winter climbing, and Roskelley climbed Mount Everest at the age of 20 in 2003.

Parks Canada says the three are considered professional mountain athletes and highly experienced.

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