Threat of early challenge to May’s position as Tory leader lifted

Threat of early challenge to May’s position as Tory leader lifted

Threat of early challenge to May’s position as Tory leader lifted

However, there is growing discontent from MPs over her refusal to shift on her Brexit deal and the fact that she has engaged with Labour directly to resolve the crisis. But I think the big target for this party is to say Brexit is not about left and right - it's about right or wrong.

Ministerial discussions are expected in the afternoon, with Mrs May's de facto deputy David Lidington, Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay and chief whip Julian Smith representing the Government.

"They can not keep on just regurgitating what has already been emphatically rejected three times by Parliament, there's got to be a change". "There's got to be a change".

Last month, she pledged to stand down if and when Parliament ratified her Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Opinion polls suggest that the Brexit Party could be set for a good result in the European Elections - it has been formed with the sole aim of pulling the United Kingdom out of the EU and has attracted the support of most of those voted to Strasbourg under the UKIP banner five years ago.

The European Parliamentary elections are expected to take place in the United Kingdom on 23 May - if the United Kingdom has not left the EU by that date.

Members of the influential Tory backbench 1922 Committee held talks in Westminster on Wednesday but a majority was not reached to change party rules. Mrs May has however pledged to take the United Kingdom out of both institutions as part of her Brexit plan.

I will be voting Conservative in the local elections and I remain a member of the party but when central office reads this I expect they will kick me out, she added.

He told Today that "the problem is not the Prime Minister, the problem is Brexit".

Mrs May has come under heavy criticism for her handling of the Brexit process, but survived a vote of confidence by her MPs in December.

May survived a confidence vote in December and under the party's rules can not be challenged again for 12 months. But it is understood the 1922 Committee executive is considering proposals to reduce this grace period to six months, permitting another challenge on June 12.

On Monday, it emerged the PM could face an unprecedented vote of confidence in her leadership after 70 local Conservative association chiefs signed a petition in support of a poll.

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