Only 14% workers feel comfortable talking about mental health

Only 14% workers feel comfortable talking about mental health

Only 14% workers feel comfortable talking about mental health

The announcement comes during Mental Health Awareness Week.

"Being able to talk about how you're feeling is essential for keeping mentally fit and healthy", William said in the commercial, which was released by mental health organization Heads Together as part of their Mental Health Minute series.

The final part of our campaign will focus on improving dementia care and research, as more than 90,000 people living in Scotland struggle with the illness. And it shows in how those who do suffer with these common conditions feel at work, with only 14% thinking they can talk about them.

New data about the impact of body image on young people's mental health will be published by MHF later this week.

A Foundation spokesperson said: "With the help ob businesses across the United Kingdom - and even globally - this year we want to reach more people than ever".

Studies have been widely contradictory in their findings around social media and poor mental health in recent years, with a number claiming social media isn't linked to poor mental health.

"Our GASS service, run by our student wellbeing team, also allows students to drop in for advice about any issues they might have, mental health related or otherwise". "Implementing this culture change may be something of a lengthy process, but as openness about the subject becomes more commonplace staff will find it easier to be honest about their mental health, meaning that problems can be identified and help sought much more quickly".

According to the survey of 2000 employed adults, only 1 in 10 workers feel comfortably talking about self-harm, psychosis, eating disorders, postnatal depression or schizophrenia.

'We've had five mental health first aid interventions for every physical one over the a year ago, ' he said, 'Confidence has grown throughout the company with people now much more willing to come forward, talk and seek support at their time of need'. This week a number of initiatives are taking place in Hays offices across the United Kingdom to build awareness of positive mental health practices and Hays is hosting a webinar to help offer practical advice to clients too.

Earlier this week, the Mental Health Foundation released a report that revealed one in eight United Kingdom adults have experienced suicidal thoughts or feelings due to concerns about their body image.

From the offset you should make it clear that any mental health issue they wish to discuss will be treated with respect and understanding, not intolerance.

Picture: One way to raise funds and show support is to donate via the MHF's Green Ribbon pins.

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